The Ministers' Plea for the Peoples' Prayers
1 Thessalonians 5:25
Brothers, pray for us.

I. DIRECTIONS. Pray for us.

1. That we may be furnished with all proper gifts and graces for our work.

2. That we may be preserved from the defections of the age.

3. That we may be helped to fulfil our ministry in the best manner.

4. That our ministry may be accepted of God in Christ, and of His people.

5. That we may be made successful in our work.

6. That the usefulness of our lives may be continued.

7. That we may be united with one another, and with the Churches of Christ, in carrying on the work of the Lord.

8. That our own souls may be saved, and that we may give up our accounts with joy in the day of the Lord Jesus.


1. Our work is very important.

2. Our difficulties in managing it are many — arising from the work, ourselves, and our hearers.

3. Our strength is small.

4. The residue of the Spirit is with the Lord, and there is room for hope that, by the help of your fervent prayers, it may be brought down upon us.

5. Our prayers and labours for you call for a return of your prayers for us.

6. The answer of your prayers for us will turn to your own benefit, and to the advancement of Christ's kingdom and glory.

(J. Gouge, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Brethren, pray for us.

WEB: Brothers, pray for us.

The Force of Prayer
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