Continuous and Stated Prayer
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing.

Prayer is the act of spiritual respiration; that true prayer can no more be limited to certain hours than respiration can. Yet even the image itself does not warrant us in thinking lightly of the virtue of stated prayer. It is true, indeed, that life can be supported even in the populous market, in the crowded street, nay, in the worst ventilated alleys, so long as respiration continues; but what a source of health and strength would the poor overwrought artizan find, if he could resort now and then to the transparent air of the open country, undefiled by smoke; to the purple-heathered down, where sweet gales fan the cheek; or to the margin of the ocean, over whose surface careers the invigorating wind! In spots like these we not only breathe, but breathe easily, freely, and spontaneously; the mere process of animal life is a delight to us, and with every breath we drink in health. Such is the effect of an hour of stated prayer after a day busily, yet devoutly spent. That hour wonderfully recruits the energies of the soul which human infirmity has caused to flag; and if we cannot say with truth that such an hour is absolutely necessary to spiritual existence, yet we can say that it is absolutely necessary to spiritual health and well-being.

(Dean Goulburn.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Pray without ceasing.

WEB: Pray without ceasing.

Constant Prayer in Practice
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