The Power of Song
Acts 16:19-26
And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas…

Wondrous power of music! When prayers give out, when all is dark, the mystic waves of sweet melody have still force to lift us out of ourselves, and upon their golden tides our souls seem to float away and leave far behind them the sad life of tears and strife. I note that Jesus is recorded as singing but once. It was when His soul was exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death — when the gloom and foreboding was deepest — when His disciples could not speak or pray, and hardly dared to think. Then, after supper, when they had sung a hymn, they went out into Gethsemane. In our own homes, in times of deep trouble — after the death or burial of a beloved one — in the midst of some great pain or loss — when the children look blankly at each other, and sit talking in whispers, and father and mother scarce know how to speak without weeping — a sister or friend will go to the piano or harmonium, and presently there shall arise such a sweet hymn as shall draw the voices of the sorrowing little company together, and the cloud will be lifted, something like a tender serenity and peace coming over the oppressed and darkened hearts as the pulses of the music rise and fall. Indeed there have been times in the history of the Church when music, hymn singing, chanting, have done duty for almost the whole of religion. What a part did hymn singing play in the life of Luther — in the Lollard movement — in Wesleyan prayer meetings — in the Salvation Armies — past and present.

(H. R. Haweis, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And when her masters saw that the hope of their gains was gone, they caught Paul and Silas, and drew them into the marketplace unto the rulers,

WEB: But when her masters saw that the hope of their gain was gone, they seized Paul and Silas, and dragged them into the marketplace before the rulers.

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