Lost and Found
Luke 15:3-7
And he spoke this parable to them, saying,…


1. The scene.

2. The classes that were attracted by Jesus (ver. 1).

3. The classes that were not drawn to Jesus (ver. 2). Reputable and scrupulous, but fault-finding, narrow-minded, and bigoted.


1. Characteristics common to both.

(1)  Lost souls.

(2)  A seeking Saviour.

(3)  The great joy which the recovery brings both to the heart of the Redeemer, and of all who truly love Him.

2. Characteristics peculiar to each.Lessons:

1. Character is tested by sentiment and sympathy.

(1)  The character of our Lord by His gracious sentiments and sympathies for the outcast and the most depraved.

(2)  The character of the Pharisees and scribes is seen in their fault-finding at Jesus for His loving sympathies for those whom they despised.

2. The real condition of mankind is revealed in these parables — Lost.

3. The nature of Christ's mission is here shown — To save.

4. The twofold method of salvation is here seen.

(1)  Christ's personal care.

(2)  Christ's work through the Church.

5. The universal sympathy and gladness over the salvation of souls is beautifully suggested.

6. How does our character stand this test?

(D. C. Hughes, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And he spake this parable unto them, saying,

WEB: He told them this parable.

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