Prayer Without Petition
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing.

Prayer is not always petition, thanksgiving, confession, adoration, etc.; it is often an unuttered and unutterable communion. A nervous clergyman, who could only compose to advantage when absolutely alone and undisturbed, thoughtlessly left his study door unlocked, and his little three-year-old child softly opened the door and came in. He was disturbed, and, a little impatiently asked, "My child, what do you want?" "Nothing, papa." "Then what did you come in here for?" "Just because I wanted to be with you," was the reply. To come into God's presence and wait before Him, wanting nothing but to be with Him — how such aa hour now and again would rest us! We have a friend who leaves his business place, especially when particularly burdened with care, and rides up to the great cathedral, where he sits down for an hour, and then goes back again to business. He says, "It is so quiet there, it rests and quiets me." How much more might we find a quiet resting place for our weary souls and bodies, by just resting in the Lord, sitting without petition at His feet, or as John, leaning our heads upon His bosom.


Parallel Verses
KJV: Pray without ceasing.

WEB: Pray without ceasing.

Prayer Independent of Moods
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