Remembrance of the Love of Christ
Songs 1:4
Draw me, we will run after you: the king has brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in you…


1. This love is everlasting; that is to say, it did not commence in time, but existed from eternity; and it will not terminate while eternity endures: like its Divine source, it has neither "beginning of days nor end of years."

2. The love of Christ is most generous; since it was undeserved, unsolicited, and disinterested.

3. This is an efficient and powerful love. If conscience condemn us, His peace. speaking blood can assure us, and enable us to shout with the apostle, "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect?" If our corruptions rage and struggle, His Spirit can subdue them, and render us more than conquerors over them. If the curses of the broken covenant hang over us, and hell gape to receive us, yet sheltered in His wounds, no curse can smite us, no flames kindle around us. If we be called to pass through the gloomy vale of death, this Sun of Righteousness can enlighten it, and cause us even there to "lift up our heads, knowing that our redemption draweth nigh." If we go into a strange and unknown world, He can there fill our souls with joys far above all our thoughts or desires. Then, and not till then, shall we be able to see the power of that love, which strained and vanquished our obstinate hearts.

4. To crown all these properties, this love was painful and suffering.


1. All those circumstances which tend to produce permanent and firm impressions upon the memory, are to be found in this love.

(1) We carefully observe and faithfully remember those things that are wonderful and beyond the ordinary course of nature. "Common events pass through the mind as common persons through the streets, without attracting particular notice;" whilst those events that are rare and astonishing, fasten upon the mind, and leave a durable impression. Now where can a greater complication of wonders be discerned, than in the love of your Redeemer?

(2) We easily retain and frequently meditate on all those things which excite our love. Do we love any object? Memory constantly presents it to us; in our more retired moments, and even amidst the bustle of the world, the object of our attachment is the theme of our meditation. Now, what is more calculated to excite our love than the love of Christ?

(3) We easily remember those things that are beneficial to us, and necessary for us. And what is there so beneficial, so necessary, as the love of Christ?

2. We are bound to remember the love of Christ, because the remembrance and sense of this love is the fountain whence all holy actions and good desires proceed. It is this love which animates the Christian to obedience; it is this love which, in the strong language of the apostle, "constraineth him" to labour for his Master.

III. OUR REMEMBRANCE MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH GRATITUDE IN THE HEART. This duty is not painful; this duty is the source of the highest joy; dost thou fly from pleasure, my soul! Then let thy transports and thy rapture testify that thou feelest the value of a Saviour's love.

1. If this remembrance be thus accompanied by gratitude in the heart, it will manifest itself by the praises of the lips; it will shine in our discourse.

2. To these emotions of the heart, to these words of the mouth, must be added the actions of the life, if we would manifest a true remembrance of the love of the Saviour.

(H. Kollock, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee.

WEB: Take me away with you. Let us hurry. The king has brought me into his rooms. Friends We will be glad and rejoice in you. We will praise your love more than wine! Beloved They are right to love you.

Rejoicing and Remembering
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