Christ Alone Can Satisfy the Soul
John 6:67-69
Then said Jesus to the twelve, Will you also go away?…

Timour the Tartar desired universal dominion, saying the earth was too small for more than one master. "It is too small to satisfy the ambition of a great soul." "The ambition of a great soul," said the Sheik of Samarcand to him one day, "is not to be satisfied by the possession of a morsel of earth added to another, but by the possession of God alone sufficiently great to fill up an infinite thought."

(Lamartine.)I have received from Taubenheim one hundred pieces of gold, and fifty pieces of silver from Schart, so that I begin to fear lest God be giving me my portion here below. But I solemnly declare that nothing can make me happy except God.


Parallel Verses
KJV: Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?

WEB: Jesus said therefore to the twelve, "You don't also want to go away, do you?"

Apostasy from Jesus
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