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John 1:40-41
One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother.…

We have here the first step in the history of the Gospel, and an indication that it was to survive the ministry of its founder.


1. In the wilderness was the first missionary college.

2. John was the teacher.

3. His lesson was the atonement of Christ.


1. The seed sown in the wilderness bore fruit, when Christ by His invitation quickened it into life.

2. They obeyed the call and followed Jesus.

3. They attached themselves to the higher Master and became pupils in the higher school.


1. The fruit now become seed to develop in other hearts and lives.

2. Andrew brought his brother to Christ: only one man, but had the Church gone on at that rate the world would long since have been converted.

3. We have no right to expect that Christ should spread His Church. That is our work in co-operation with Himself.Conclusion: Pleas on behalf of the missionary effort here exemplified.

1. Christ's commission: "Go ye into all the world," etc.

2. Christ's example. Christ never asked us to do what He has not done.

3. The purpose of the Christian Church as set forth in the parables and prophecies. It is a living growing body to spread by its inherent Divine vitality.

4. The nature of our call to the work.

(1) The call of Christ, "Come follow me," "Go ye into all the world." This call reaches modern counting-houses and workshops as well as ancient custom houses and fishing stations, to spread the gospel at home, in the town, in the country, in the world.

(2) The call from within — the call of conscience impelling us to rescue others from the danger from which we have been saved — the call of Divinely-kindled love.

(3) The call of the heathen unconscious of their darkness and sin.

5. The extent of the investments already made. An investment makes a man a partner in the concern, and the greater the investment the more difficult or dishonourable is it to try to get out of it. During the past 1,800 years the Church has been investing her men, her energy, her money. We must not, we dare not draw back. By the blood that has been shed and successes attained we are pledged to go on with this work.

(R. Maguire, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother.

WEB: One of the two who heard John, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother.

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