Restitution Necessary to Peace
Luke 19:1-10
And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.…

Some years ago, in the north of England, a woman came to one of the meetings, and appeared to be very anxious about her soul. For some time she did not seem to be able to get peace. The truth was, she was covering up one thing she was not willing to confess. At last the burden was too great; and she said to a worker, "I never go down on my knees to pray, but a few bottles of wine keep coming up before my mind." It appeared that, years before, when she was house. keeper, she had taken some bottles of wine belonging to her employer. The worker said: "Why do you not make restitution?" The woman replied that the man was dead; and besides, she did not know how much it was worth. "Are there any heirs living to whom you can make restitution?" She said there was a son living at some distance; but she thought it would be a very humiliating thing, so she kept back for some time. At last she felt as if she must have a clear conscience at any cost; so she took the train, and went to the place where the son of her employer resided. She took five pounds with her; she did not know exactly what the wine was worth, but that would cover it, at any rate. The man said he did not want the money; but she replied, "I do not want it; it has burnt my pocket long enough."

(D. L. Moody.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.

WEB: He entered and was passing through Jericho.

Restitution Must be Made
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