Provision for the Way
Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Joseph filled his brethren's sacks with corn, which they were to carry home with them. But in addition he gave them "provision for the way." This, compared with the other, was a small thing, but the other would never have reached home without it. So we know that there is a glorious portion in the heavenly Canaan, but we have a wilderness journey to pro vide for: and Jesus, our Covenant Joseph, who has charge of the treasures of heaven, has not forgotten this.

I. THE NATURE of this provision.

1. This is embodied in the word "need." This is all that God undertakes to provide for. There are many things that others have that we should like; there are many things that we feel we could make good use of if we had them; there are many things that our pride, ambition, desire for self-indulgence prompt us to crave, but we do not find them in this provision.

2. This word need has a variety of meanings which take their shape from the character and aim of the person to whom it refers. The man who goes to business with the consciousness that by twelve o'clock he has a note to take up for five thousand dollars — needs that amount of money. The mariner needs favouring breezes to aid him in reaching port. The farmer needs rain and sunshine to ripen and mature the grain. And so in the case of the Christian. His need does not take in what will minister to present gratification, but what will be useful in promoting his eternal interest. What this is God only knows and can give.

3. The psalmist teaches us the meaning of the word when he says, "No good thing" will God withhold from His people. But this good thing may mean disappointment, sickness, poverty. But whatever the soul's interest requires is our need.

II. ITS EXTENT. This will be best illustrated by scriptural examples.

1. Job's need could only be supplied by passing through a peculiar experience; but it was supplied. He was led into the furnace, supported through it, and brought out of it.

2. Noah's need could not be met without a demand on faith and obedience such as had never been made before. But Noah believed and obeyed God, built the ark and was saved.

3. Jacob's need could only be met by Joseph's being governor of Egypt, and this involved much grief.

4. Abraham's need could only be met by the stern call to offer up his son, and the result of that action will follow him throughout eternity in untold blessings.

5. And so with Moses, David, Daniel, Jonah, and Paul.

III. THE RULE by which this provision is regulated. It would have been a great thing had the apostle said, "According to His riches in grace." These riches are marvellous, and show us what God is doing for His people here. But "riches in glory" point to what He will hereafter do for us in heaven. These "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard." When St. John gazed through the veil he only tells us of the foundations and walls of the heavenly home as made of precious jewels; its gates of pearls, and streets of gold; and then leaves us to infer what the "riches in glory" must be. Tempted, burdened, needy Christian, the riches lavished on yonder home are pledged for thy supply.

IV. THE AGENT by whom this provision is administered. How tenderly God has considered our comfort in constituting Christ the agent. With whom could the administering of this supply be so safely left as with Him?

1. How able He is to help.

2. How willing.

3. How ready.

4. How close and always at hand.

V. ITS CERTAINTY. This is the promise of the God of eternal truth. Did His promise ever fail? Can the scripture be broken.

(R. Newton, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

WEB: My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Our Need and Supply
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