Should it be According to Our Mind
Job 34:33
Should it be according to your mind? he will recompense it, whether you refuse, or whether you choose; and not I…

No one has all he wishes. Many have a great deal in the life lot which they deprecate, object to, resent, and strive against with all their might, albeit in vain. Much depends on the "mind" a man has. How much "mind" has he to begin with? Of what nature is it? How is it ordered and kept? If the temper is keen, and the will strong, and the view of life and duty defined and decisive, then between the soul and events there will be continual collision. Things will not take their right shape; — all this will be, unless there shall come in, happily, the explanation and corrective of a trustful faith, of true religion. The only answer we can give to the question of the text is in the negative. It should not be according to our mind.

1. Because our knowledge is so limited. Our judgment of things is quite as imperfect as our knowledge of them.

2. We mistake the nature of what we do see. The forms of things are not the things themselves.

3. If this were granted in one case, it must be granted in all.

4. The very thing we seek by self-will is not attained by it. No self-willed man is happy. Not even when in a large measure he gets what he seeks.

5. There is one moral Governor of this world, and only one, who governs and keeps us all. His will is sufficiently made known to each to be to him rule of practical, guidance in everything he has to do. The providence of natural law contemplates and provides for only one plan of life for each — the best. The failure of that must bring penalty, and, indeed, irretrievable disaster. Well may it be according to the mind of God, and ill must it be with any who still insist that it shall be according to their own.

(Alex. Raleigh, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Should it be according to thy mind? he will recompense it, whether thou refuse, or whether thou choose; and not I: therefore speak what thou knowest.

WEB: Shall his recompense be as you desire, that you refuse it? For you must choose, and not I. Therefore speak what you know.

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