The Lost Groat
Luke 15:8-10
Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, does not light a candle, and sweep the house…


1. It is a symbol of the human soul.

(1) The soul seems to be of little value, if considered in its imperfections, in its inability to perform supernatural acts, and even more so, if compared to the holy angels, who are purer than gold, brighter than diamonds.

(2) Nevertheless, the groat, as a coin, has its value. So is the human soul of great value, because it is created according to the image and likeness of God, redeemed by His precious blood, sealed by the Holy Spirit. Thus it is raised to a supernatural state, and enabled to merit the glory and bliss of heaven.

2. How the groat, the human soul, is lost.

(1) By the deceitfulness of the devil, who, driven by envy and hatred, endeavours to deprive the Divine Master of His coin, the coin of its splendour. He buries the soul in the mire of sin.

(2) Through the fault of man. Whilst he is unmindful of being God's own property, undervalues the worth of his soul, keeps company with thieves, his soul is lost.

3. The consequences are most deplorable.

(1) The lost soul is covered with the filth of sin, from which it can never cleanse itself by its own power.

(2) The value of the soul diminishes. The merits of the past are lost, the power of ignorance and concupiscence increases.

(3) The coinage disappears. Sin deforms the Divine image and likeness; at its entrance grace leaves the soul; and man falls under the curse and displeasure of God.


1. This "woman" is the Church.

2. The "candle" is Christ, the light of the world.

3. The "friends and neighbours" are the angels and saints.

(W. Reischl.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?

WEB: Or what woman, if she had ten drachma coins, if she lost one drachma coin, wouldn't light a lamp, sweep the house, and seek diligently until she found it?

The Lost Coin
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