Value of Constant Prayer
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing.

Can you stand on the beach a moment? You can scarcely see, but yet you may discern, by the lights of lanterns, sundry brave men launching the lifeboat. It is out; they have taken their seats — helmsmen and rowers, all strong hearts, determined to save their fellows or to perish, They have gotten far away now into the midst of the billows, and we have lost sight of them; but in spirit we will take our stand in the midst of the boat. What a sea rolled in just then! If she were not built for such weather, she would surely have been overset. See that tremendous wave, and how the boat leaps like a sea bird over its crest. See now again, it has plunged into a dreary furrow, and the wind, like some great plough, turns up the water on either side as though it were clods of mould. Surely the boat will find her grave, and be buried in the sheet of foam; — but no, she comes out of it, and the dripping men draw a long breath. But the mariners are discouraged; they have strained themselves bending to yonder oars, and they would turn back, for there is small hope of living in such a sea, and it is hardly possible that they will ever reach the wreck. But the brave captain cries out, "Now, my bold lads, for God's sake, send her on! A few more pulls of the oar, and we shall be alongside; the poor fellows will be able to hold on a minute or two longer — now pull as for dear life!" See how the boat leaps; see how she springs as though she were a living thing — a messenger of mercy intent to save. Again he says, "Once more, once again, and we will do it!" No, she has been dashed aside from the ship for a moment; that sea all but stove her in; but the helmsman turns her round, and the captain cries, "Now, my boys, once more!" And every man pulls with lusty sinews, and the poor shipwrecked ones are saved. Ay, it is just so with us now. Long have Christ's ministers, long have Christ's Church, pulled with the gospel lifeboat. Let us pull again. Every prayer is a fresh stroke of the oar, and all of you are oarsmen. Yes, ye feeble women, ye confined to your beds, shut up in your chambers, who can do nothing else but pray, ye are all oarsmen in this great boat. Pull yet once more, and this week let us drive the boat ahead, and it may be it will be the last tremendous struggle that shall be required; for sinners shall be saved, and the multitude of the redeemed shall be accomplished. Not we, but grace shall do the work; yet is it ours to be workers for God.

(C. H. Spurgeon.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Pray without ceasing.

WEB: Pray without ceasing.

Unceasing Prayer
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