Helping Others to Watch
Mark 13:37
And what I say to you I say to all, Watch.

I suppose you never heard of a man of the name of Thomas Bilby. He was the man who wrote that beautiful hymn —

"Here we suffer grief and pain,

Here we meet to part again;

In heaven we part no more.

Oh! that will be joyful,

When we meet to part no more!"He wrote it for me. He wrote it for the first "children's service" I ever held. That was forty-five years ago, since I held my first "children's service." I was at Chelsea. I may be wrong, but I believe that was the first "children's service" ever held in the Church of England. I had heard of "catechising" before, but I had not heard of "children's services." Mr. Bilby wrote that hymn for me, for my first "children's service." He was my infant schoolmaster. Before then he had been a private in the Coldstream Guards, but he became a religious man, was converted while in the army. There were several religious men in the same regiment, and they were very much observed by all the other soldiers, who watched them to see if they acted in any wrong way, because they called themselves Christians. So they watched that little society, these few religious men in the army, and if ever any one of the little band should see another going to do anything wrong, get into a bad temper, use a bad word, or going to fight with another soldier, he would go and whisper to that man, "Watch!" No one else could hear it. Mr. Bilby told me that that was the rule among the Christians in the Coldstream Guards.

(J. Vaughan, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

WEB: What I tell you, I tell all: Watch."

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