Isaiah 25:10
For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain. But Moab will be trampled in his place as straw is trodden into the dung pile.
God's Judgments ManureW. Clayton.Isaiah 25:10
MoabJ. A. Alexander, U. S. A.Isaiah 25:10
The Ground ManuredW. Clayton.Isaiah 25:10
Song of the RedeemedE. Johnson Isaiah 25:9-12

I. THE STATE OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. They will be in the joyous realization of long-awaited blessings. A brief strain from their hymn is given -

"Lo! here is our God!
For him we have waited that he should save us;
This is Jehovah, for whom we have waited;
Let us exult and rejoice in his salvation!" As "a sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things," so the crown of joy is the recollection of past miseries in the hour of deliverance. And how it intensifies joy - the sense of having waited, of having ploughed and sown, watched and wept, with a view to the "far-off interest of tears!" And finally, to see and know that in this mingled experience one hand has been at work, one will has been guiding, one mercy mixing the ingredients of life's cup! "Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself!" yea, but verily, also, thou art a God that dost in due time disclose thyself to reward the patience and faith of thy chosen, and to pour confusion on thy foes! On the sacred mountain the hand of Jehovah will rest, to protect his people, to judge his foes. Beautiful image! As a symbol of protection, cf. Ezra 7:6, 28; Ezra 8:18, 22, 31; Nehemiah 2:8.

II. THE DOOM OF THE HEATHEN. Noah seems to stand for the heathen in general. Moab, as the proud foe of Israel (2 Kings 24:2; Ezekiel 28:8-11), shall be trampled down, swamped, and contend like a swimmer for his life. But his pride will be abased; his strong walls be cut down, even to the dust. So that hand, which is outspread beneficently, like the canopy of the broad sky, to protect and bless the chosen, may be clenched in threat and for vengeance upon the wicked. There are two senses in which that hand may "rest" upon us - lightly, as the father's hand rests on the head of a beloved child, to express affection, approval, and the promise of aid; or heavily, to punish, to overwhelm, to "turn our moisture into the drought of summer." To listen to the voice, to submit to the hand of the Eternal, - this is the expression of genuine piety. To writhe and struggle and resist the pressure of that hand, to turn a deaf ear to that voice, - this is the expression of hardness of heart and impiety, bringing certain punishment in its turn. "Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts!" - J.

Moab shall be trodden down under Him.
After the process of primary ploughing has been completed our fields are covered with some appropriate manure, that the earth may be enriched, and larger crops gathered into our barns. In the world at large which is God's husbandry, His judgments, which deface and destroy countries and nations, are clearly intended, in their remoter influence, to effect the subsequent fruitfulness of those very spots: and the products of righteousness, in larger abundance, have been gathered among those people where the full measure of Divine vengeance had been previously poured. "When His judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants will learn righteousness."

(W. Clayton.)

Our text will furnish us with an occasion to establish and illustrate the fast that Divine vengeance shall overwhelm the enemies of the Church; and from their disgraceful ruin shall result advantage to the cause, and glory to the perfections of Deity.

I. GOD HAS REVEALED HIS WRATH FROM HEAVEN AGAINST ALL UNGODLINESS AND UNRIGHTEOUSNESS OF MEN; and although slack in executing His threatenings, as some men count slackness, the expected day of the Lord's vengeance will certainly and suddenly arrive.

1. However exalted among the great ones of the earth offenders have been, the just displeasure of God has been displayed, and vengeance has overwhelmed them.

2. As no person, however elevated, is exempt from the judicial control of the Most High; so no part of the world is found where this truth has not been proclaimed.

3. In every successive age have these truths received an awful confirmation.


1. A large accession to the Church on earth is stated to be the immediate consequence of the ruin of Moab (Isaiah 26:1, 2). In a degree infinitely more astonishing shall the final destruction of Zion's foes precede the period of her destined perfection on earth.

2. It is pleasant to see the strength and establishment of Zion resulting from the demolition of the schemes which were formed for her ruin.

3. The rich and abundant fruitfulness of the Church — the field which God blesseth — is advanced by these displays of His vindictive wrath


1. We are taught to whose culture we are exclusively indebted, if these fruits of righteousness are in our case the results of beholding God's judgments. Manure spread on the ground will only render weeds, its natural product, of more luxuriant and disgusting growth; nor will the Divine judgments, but for the subsequent care and cultivation of the Great Husbandman, promote the salutary change which is desired.

2. Do not our minds, necessarily, when contemplating any species of suffering, revert to Him who was bruised or threshed for our sakes; who, bearing the indignation of the Lord because we have sinned against Him, was trodden down as mire in the streets by ungodly men, and finally suffered without the camp; and to those also who, being conformed to His death, were esteemed the off-scouring of all men, of whom the world was not worthy?

3. Estimate aright the invaluable privilege of being interested in the cultivating care of the great Husbandman.

(W. Clayton.)

As the name "British" in our own revolutionary war became equivalent to "hostile," without losing its specific sense, so might the prophets threaten Moab with God's vengeance, without meaning to exclude from the denunciation other like-minded enemies.

(J. A. Alexander, U. S. A.)

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