Psalm 105:41
He opened a rock, and water gushed out; it flowed like a river in the desert.
The Rock At HorebP. Grant.Psalm 105:41
He Watching Over Israel Slumbers not nor SleepsS. Conway Psalm 105:1-45
The Sin of Trying to Make Terms with GodR. Tuck Psalm 105:40, 41
The people asked, and he brought quails. The sin of this does not immediately strike the reader. It is not said that the people asked for quails. What we are to understand is, that God was graciously and wonderfully providing their staple food for the people: manna food from the skies, spring waters from the rocks. But the people were discontented with what God, in his infinite wisdom and love, provided, and wanted to arrange with God what he should provide. They wanted to make terms with God; and that meant taking the arrangement of their affairs out of the hands of God, and managing them for themselves; or, rather, making God manage them at their dictation. From this point of view we see their sin plainly enough. God met their desires, but brought upon them a most humbling judgment through the very obtaining of what they wished. He showed them how utterly incapable they were of managing for themselves, and ordering their own lives, by giving them the meat they desired, in plenty, and letting them do what they would with it. See the consequence. Quails were wholesome enough when eaten in moderation. The people devoured them unrestrainedly; they showed no sort of moderation; and the consequence was a disease which became epidemic, and swept away multitudes. On the monument for those dead men this inscription might well have been put, "Never try to make terms with God."

I. SEE THIS SIN IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT GOD IS. Take the attributes, and show that God must both know, and be able to do, what is every way wisest and best. Who understands our real needs as God does? Who controls all things as God does? Take the Father name which we are permitted to use for God, and show how wrong children are who attempt to dictate to their father as to what he shall provide.

II. SEE THIS SIN IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT GOD HAD DONE. All Jehovah's relations with his people had been gracious and considerate. They had never wanted any good thing. Defence had been close alongside danger, and provision ready for all need. Signs of distrust and murmuring were most unbecoming.

III. SEE THIS SIN IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT THE PEOPLE WERE. Had they any right to the confidence that they knew what was good for them butter than God did? Their past should have taught them submissiveness and humility. - R.T.

He opened the rock.
I. THE SOURCE WHENCE THE WATERS ARE SAID TO HAVE SPRUNG. A rock is in many respects an appropriate emblem of Christ.

1. It suggests the ideas of stability and unchangeableness.

2. Chosen by God Himself.

3. Smitten.


1. To save from death by thirst.

2. To purify.

3. To refresh.Hungry and thirsty, we are told, "their soul fainted in them." But the same waters that saved them from perishing, renewed their strength, and enabled them to prosecute their journeyings to Canaan with fresh vigour and alacrity. And is it not thus with the weary and heavy-laden traveller to Zion, when supplies from the Redeemer's grace are afforded to his soul?


1. Abundantly. So it is with the grace of Christ. It is "exceeding abundant." Its efficacy to save, to purify, and to refresh our souls is inexhaustible.

2. Freely. So with the blood of Christ. It is open even to the vilest and guiltiest.

3. Constantly. No drought could exhaust nor cold arrest the waters which the Israelites enjoyed in the wilderness; so neither shall any worldly trial deprive the true Israel of the reviving streams of the Redeemer's grace. Goodness and mercy shall surely follow the ransomed of the Lord through all their earthly pilgrimage.

(P. Grant.).

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