A Supreme Existence and a Supreme Service
Psalm 96:1-13
O sing to the LORD a new song: sing to the LORD, all the earth.…


1. Great in His nature — in power, intellect, heart.

2. Great in His work. "Made the heavens."

3. Great in His character.

4. Great in His government.


1. Joyous.

2. Fresh. "A new song." The song of yesterday will not do for to-day, for there are fresh motives, fresh mercies, fresh needs.

3. Constant. Worship as an occasional service is worthless, it is only worship as it becomes an all-pervading spirit, a permeating, dominating inspiration. "From day to day."

4. Universal. "All the earth." "Ye kindreds of the people." This service is confined to no tribe or class of men, all sustain the same relation to the Supreme Existence, and out of the same relationship the same common obligations spring.

5. Practical.

(1)  Acknowledgment of God's claims.

(2)  Proclamation of God's glory to the world.


Parallel Verses
KJV: O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.

WEB: Sing to Yahweh a new song! Sing to Yahweh, all the earth.

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