Conscience Money
Luke 19:1-10
And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.…

A remarkable case of conscience money, which has just come to light, is just now puzzling an excellent secular contemporary. It appears that fifteen years ago, the London General Omnibus Company had in their employ a conductor who, during his twelve months' service, received £10 more than he paid in. He now writes to the company stating this, and that his conscience now prompted him to make restitution, together with interest for the whole intervening period — amounting in all to £13 15s. Towards this he sends £5 on account. The point that troubles our contemporary is the fact that conscience should slumber fifteen years "and then wake up again;" but we have no doubt that many of our readers will find a solution in the Scriptures. No doubt the Spirit of God had been at work. A similar case was that of Zaccheus, and how many years back he went when he made restitution, who can tell?

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Jesus entered and passed through Jericho.

WEB: He entered and was passing through Jericho.

Christ's Words to Zaccheus
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