Drunkenness the Way to Ruin
Genesis 9:20-27
And Noah began to be an farmer, and he planted a vineyard:…

One fine summer evening as the sun was going down, a man was seen trying to make his way through the lanes and crossroads that led to his village home. His unsteady, staggering way of walking showed that he had been drinking; and though he had lived in the village over thirty years, he was now so drunk that it was impossible for him to find his way home. Quite unable to tell where he was, at last he uttered a dreadful oath, and said to a person going by, "I've lost my way. Where am I going?" The man thus addressed was an earnest Christian. He knew the poor drunkard very well, and pitied him greatly. When he heard the inquiry, "Where am I going?" in a quiet, sad, solemn way he answered: "To ruin." The poor staggering man stared at him wildly for a moment, and then murmured, with a groan, "That's so." "Come with me" said the other, kindly, "and I'll take you home." The next day came. The effect of the drink had passed away, but those two little words, tenderly and lovingly spoken to him, did not pass away. "To ruin! to ruin!" he kept whispering to himself. "It's true, I'm going to ruin! Oh, God, help me and save me!" Thus he was stopped on his way to ruin. By earnest prayer to God he sought the grace which made him a true Christian. His feet were established on the rock. It was a rock broad enough to reach that poor, miserable drunkard, and it lifted him up from his wretchedness, and made a useful, happy man of him.

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:

WEB: Noah began to be a farmer, and planted a vineyard.

Drink and Drunkenness
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