God as He Appears in Material Nature
Psalm 65:6-13
Which by his strength sets fast the mountains; being girded with power:…

I. God in material nature WORKING.

1. Settling (ver. 6). He keeps all things in their place. There is a principle of dissolution in every part of nature. All things that are settled in nature are settled being "girded" by His "power."

2. Tranquillizing (ver. 7).

(1) How tumultuous is the sea at times! When the stormy winds lash it into fury; then its billows rise high as the hills, roar like thunder. Who can quiet them? God, and He only.

(2) The excited passions of men, of mobs or nations, are oven more furious and terrible than the ocean in a tempest. He "stilleth" them also. This is a slow work, but a work possible to God, a work which He alone accomplishes.

3. Cheering (ver. 8). He sets the whole day to music. At dawn the strains are jubilant with hope, and at eve they swell into the rich deep notes of thankful memories.

4. Fructifying (ver. 9). The rich harvest is the coronation of heavenly goodness, and all the antecedent and preparatory mornings and evenings are so many sparkling jewels in the diadem.

II. God in material nature WORSHIPPED.

1. His presence is discoverable in nature. God is in nature in a higher sense than the engineer is in his machine, or the author in his book. The personalities of men are not in their works; but God is personally in nature. He is here — not merely His influence, His works, but Himself. It is because we are spiritually blind that we do not see Him.

2. His adorable character is discoverable in nature. You cannot worship the mere presence. Worship implies character, and the worshipful character must be benevolent. You cannot worship stolid indifference. Still less can you worship malice. In nature you see Divine goodness everywhere.


Parallel Verses
KJV: Which by his strength setteth fast the mountains; being girded with power:

WEB: Who by his power forms the mountains, having armed yourself with strength;

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