Going Well
Proverbs 30:29-31
There be three things which go well, yes, four are comely in going:…

To each of us is appointed a journey. It begins at the cradle and ends at the grave. To some the pilgrimage is measured by years, while to others it is but a matter of days. Whether long or short, it behoves us to travel it wisely and well. What is it to "go well"? What does the wise man mean? He calls our attention to certain objects, each of which he declares has a certain beauty in its going. Let us discover their teaching.

I. "The LION is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any." Two qualities are indicated — STRENGTH, COURAGE.

1. Strength is a matter of very great importance. This world is an uncomfortable place for the weak. Go into the business world, into the professions, and success is very largely a question of power of endurance. The moral aspect of the question is especially important. Men were never so severely tried. Be strong!

2. The lion also teaches us the value of courage. Conscience is to be followed. New ideas call for champions. Popular evils are to be assaulted. Be brave!

II. What is the lesson of the GREYHOUND?

1. Celerity of movement. Life calls for haste. Too much time is lost. Men loiter. They fail in punctuality.

2. Certain varieties of the greyhound have not only great speed, but great scent. There is in man a quality which answers to this power of scent in the hound. We call it conscience, moral sense, spiritual discernment. It exists in varying degree. No man is more to be despised than he whose moral sensibilities are wholly blunted.

III. What may we learn from the GOAT?

1. Notice his ability to attain to apparently inaccessible heights. Where others fail he succeeds.

2. Observe his security in places of peril. We want men who are safe anywhere — not only in the protected places, but in the places of danger as well.

3. See how he finds subsistence where almost any other animal would perish. Life is not alike to all of us. We do not all feed in green pastures. Blessed is he whose moral nature thrives not only in the luxuriant meadows, but upon the barren mountain-side. It is possible.


1. Joseph Benson put it, "A king and his people with him." He has their confidence and support. Wanted, men in whom the world has faith! What a power is he "against whom there is no rising up."

2. A king, carrying with him everywhere the consciousness of royalty.

Parallel Verses
KJV: There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going:

WEB: "There are three things which are stately in their march, four which are stately in going:

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