The Moral Force of God
Psalm 68:28-35
Your God has commanded your strength: strengthen, O God, that which you have worked for us.…


1. Commanding kings (ver. 29).

2. Subjugating enemies (ver. 30). What wonderful changes in man God's moral force in Christ has wrought! Witness the changes in the Corinthians. "Such were some of you," etc. What were our forefathers but beasts? The changes in the South Sea Islanders, etc. Those changes will become universal one day (Isaiah 11:6).

II. ATTRACTING HEATHENS (ver. 31). God's moral force is magnetic. It is in the transcendent excellence of His character. When men come to see Him as He is in Christ, they shall "stretch out" their "hands" to Him. Such a God they want, a God whose character more than realizes their highest ideal, in whom they can centre their love and repose their utmost confidence.


1. His moral majesty is to be recognized (ver. 33). The real heart of humanity can bow to nothing else.

2. His moral strength is to be recognized (ver. 34), Why is not God's moral strength more universally felt? His physical might is felt everywhere; but not His moral, and why? Because it is moral. Because it has to do with mind, which is free, irresponsible, and which is endowed with the faculty to resist, if it wills, all outward appeals. Oh that minds everywhere would open themselves to the influence of God's character as revealed in Christi This is its "power unto salvation."


Parallel Verses
KJV: Thy God hath commanded thy strength: strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.

WEB: Your God has commanded your strength. Strengthen, God, that which you have done for us.

Some Marks of God's People
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