The Secret of a Happy Life
Psalm 16:8
I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

In the preceding verses we read, "The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, yea, I have," etc. The speaker, therefore, is a very contented and happy man. How is it that he is able to feel so happy? Let us seek out the way. Perhaps his road may fit our feet. But who is the person who is thus singularly content? It is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who by the Spirit here speaks. All this is so much the more encouraging to us because if He, the "Man of Sorrows," was nevertheless able to possess so sweet content, it must be possible for us, whose lot is not so bitter. We are not sent to make atonement for sin, and hence our sorrows are few compared with our Lord's. Our text clearly imparts to us the secret of this peace, It is —

I. LIVING IN THE LORD'S PRESENCE ALWAYS. "I have set...always before me." Now, this means —

1. That we should make the Lord's presence the greatest of all facts to us. Jesus did so. He saw God everywhere. From morning to evening, until you fall asleep "as in the embraces of your God," see Him everywhere. This is happy living.

2. The making of God's glory the one object of our lives.

3. So to live that the presence of God shall be the rule and support of our obedience. So Jesus did. The Master's eye is to many servants most important, to make them careful and diligent. For many are eye servers and men pleasers. But how should we live if God were seen looking on? He is looking on.

4. As the source from which we are to derive solace and comfort under every trial. This it was that made Him suffer and never complain.

5. That we are to hold perpetual communion with God. He was always in converse with the Father, and He could say, "I knew that Thou hearest Me always."

6. We must follow this life, because of our delight and joy in it. Such a life cannot be lived in any other manner. If you find walking with God dull, then you have not the first essentials of such a life. You must be born again. If you are the Lord's you will delight in living near to Him. You may lose your roll, like Christian in the arbour, and you may go back again and find it, lint it is very hard going back over the same ground. The hardest part of the road to heaven is that which has to be traversed three times: once when you go over it at first, a second time when you have to return with weeping to find your lost evidences, and then again when you have to make up for lost time. Abiding with God creates peace like a river.

II. TRUSTING ALWAYS IN THE LORD'S PRESENCE, "Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved."

1. With any regret or remorse as to the past. Christ had many sorrows but no regrets.

2. From our consistency in the way of true religion.

3. With terror.

4. By temptation, so as to be swept into surprising sin.

5. So as to fail at last. Conclusion:

1. You who are not Christians, you are not happy. Set the Lord before you.

2. You who are not Christians, but think yourselves happy. How flail the pillar on which your happiness rests.

3. You Christians who are not happy; here is counsel for you.

4. You happy Christians, you can be happier still by coming nearer to God, This is heaven below.

( C. H. Spurgeon.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

WEB: I have set Yahweh always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

The Practice of the Presence of God
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