1 Chronicles 7
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The Descendants of Issachar

1And the sons of Issachar, Tola and Puah, Jashub and Shimron; four. 2And the sons of Tola, Uzzi, and Rephaiah, and Jeriel and Jahmai, and Jibsam, and Shemuel, heads to the house of their fathers, to Tola: strong ones of power to their generations; their number in the days of David, twenty and two thousand and six hundred. 3And the sons of Uzzi: Izrahiah: and the sons of Izmhiah Michael and Obadiah, and Joel, Ishish; five; heads, all of them. 4And to them to their generations, to the house of their fathers, troops of the host of war, thirty and six thousand: for they multiplied wives and sons. 5And their brethren to all the families of Issachar strong mighty ones, eighty and seven thousand, being enrolled for all.

The Descendants of Benjamin

6Benjamin: Bela, and Becher, and Jediael, three. 7And the sons of Bela: Ezbon and Uzzi, and Uzziel, and Jerimoth, and Iri; five; heads of the house of their fathers, mighty, strong ones; and they being enrolled twenty and two thousand and thirty and four. 8And the sons of Becher: Zemira, and Joash, and Eliezer, and Elioenai, and Omri, and Jerimoth, and Abiah, and Anathoth, and Alameth. All these the sons of Becher. 9And their enrolling for their generation for the heads of the house of their fathers, mighty ones of power, twenty thousand and two hundred. 10And the sons of Jediael: Bilhan: and the sons of Bilhan: Jeush and Benjamin, and Ehud, and Chenaanah and Zethan, and Tharshish, and Ahishahar. 11All these the sons of Jediael for the heads of the fathers, strong mighty ones, seventeen thousand and two hundred, going forth to the host to war. 12And Shappim and Huppim, the sons of Ir Hushim, the sons of Aher.

The Descendants of Naphtali

13The sons of Naphtali: Jahziel and Guni and Jezer and Shallum, the sons of Bilhah.

The Descendants of Manasseh

14The sons of Manasseh: Ashriel which she bare: (his concubine the Ammitess bare Machir the father of Gilead. 15And Machir took a wife to Huppim and to Shuppim, and the name of his sister, Maachah;) and the name of the second, Zelophehad: and daughters will be to Zelophehad. 16And Maachah the wife of Machir will bear a son, and she will call his name Peresh; and the name of his brother, Sheresh; and his sons Ulam and Rakem. 17And the sons of Ulam: Bedan. These the sons of Gilead, son of Machir, son of Manasseh. 18And his sister Hammoleketh bare Ishod, and Abiezer, and Mahalah. 19And the sons of Shemida will be Ahian, and Shechem, and Likhi, and Aniam.

The Descendants of Ephraim

20And the sons of Ephraim: Shutheleth, and Bered his son, and Tahath his son, and Eladah his son, and Tahath his son, 21And Zabad his son, and Shuthelah his son, and Ezer, and Elead; and the men of Gad killed them being born in the land, for they came down to take their cattle. 22And their father Ephraim will mourn many days, and his brethren will come to comfort him. 23And he will go in to his wife, and she will conceive and bear a son, and he will call his name Beriah, because it was in being evil with his house. 24And his daughter Sherah, and she will build the house of the hollow, the lowest and the highest, and the ear of Sherah. 25And Rephah his son, and Resheph and Telah his son, and Tahan his son, 26And Laadan his son, Ammihud his son, Elishama his son, 27Nun his son, Jehoshua his son.

28And their possessions and their dwellings, the house of God and its daughters, and to the sunrising Naaran, and to the west, Gezer and her daughters, and Shechem and her daughters, and even to Gaza and her daughters: 29And upon the hands of the sons of Manasseh, the house of quiet and her daughters, and Taanach and her daughters, and Megiddo and her daughters, Dor and her daughters. In these dwelt the sons of Joseph the son of Israel.

The Descendants of Asher

30The sons of Asher: Imnah, and Ishuah, and Ishuai, and Beriah, and Serah their sister. 31And the sons of Beriah: Heber, and Maichiel, he the father of Birzavith. 32And Heber begat Japhlet, and Shomer, and Hotham, and Shua their sister. 33And the sons of Japhlet: Pasach and Bimhal and Ashvath. These the sons of Japhlet. 34And the sons of Shamer: Ahi, and Rohgah, Jehubbah, and Aram. 35And the sons of Helem his brother: Zophah, and Imna, and Shelesh, and Amal. 36The sons of Zophah: Suah, and Harnepher, and Shual, and Beni, and Imrah, 37Bezer, and Hod, and Shamma, and Shilshah, and Ithran, and Beera. 38And the sons of Jether: Jephunneh, and Pispah, and Ara. 39And the sons of Ulla: Arah, and Haniel, and Rezia. 40All these the sons of Asher, heads of the fathers' house, chosen, strong, mighty ones, heads of the princes. And their enrolling in the host in war, their number twenty and six thousand men.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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