Job 15
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Eliphaz: Job Does Not Fear God

1And Eli-Phaz the Temanite will answer and say,

2Shall a wise one answer knowledge of wind, and fill his belly with the east wind?

3Reproving with words he shall not profit, and speeches will be of no use in them.

4Also thou wilt bring to nought, fear, and thou wilt withhold meditation before God.

5For thy mouth will accustom itself to thine iniquity, and thou wilt choose the tongue of the crafty.

6Thy mouth will condemn thee, and not I: and thy lips will testify against thee.

7Shalt thou be the firm man born? and hadst thou a beginning before the hills?

8Shalt thou hear in the consultation of God? and wilt thou reserve wisdom to thyself?

9What knewest thou and we shall not know? wilt thou understand and it not be with us?

10Also the gray headed and old man with us, great of days above thy fathers.

11Is it small with thee the consolations of God? and a word covered with thee?

12Why shall thy heart take thee? and why shall thine eyes wink?

13That thou wilt turn thy spirit against God, and thou broughtest words from thy mouth?

14What is man that he will be clean? and that he will be just, being born of woman?

15Behold, in his holy ones he will, not trust; and the heavens were not clean in his eyes.

16How much more abominable and corrupt is man drinking iniquity as water!

17I will show thee, hear to me; and that I saw I will recount;

18Which the wise ones will announce, and he hid it not from their fathers.

19To them alone the earth was given, and a stranger passed not in the midst of them.

20All the days the unjust one himself being pained, and numbering the years they were hidden to him terrifying.

21The voice of fears in his ears: in peace he destroying shall come upon him.

22He will not believe to turn back from darkness, and he was waited for by the sword.

23He wandered about for bread, where he knew that the day of darkness was ready at his hand.

24Straitness and distress shall terrify him; they shall overpower him as a king ready for war.

25For he stretched forth his hand against God, and he will strengthen himself against the Almighty.

26He will run against him upon the neck, upon the thicknesses of his shields:

27For he covered his face with his fat, and he will make fatness upon the flank.

28And he will dwell in cities out off, the houses shall not be inhabited by them, which were ready for heaps.

29He shall not be rich, and his wealth shall not rise up; their possession shall not extend upon the earth.

30He shall not depart from darkness; the flame shall dry up his suckers, and by the breath of his mouth shall he depart.

31He being deceived shall not trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his compensation.

32Before his day it shall be completed, and his branch was not green.

33He will shake off as a vine his unripe grapes, and he will cast his flower as the olive.

34For the assembly of the profane is hard, and fire consumed the tents of the gift.

35He conceiving trouble and he bringing forth vanity, and their belly shall prepare deceit.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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