Deuteronomy 30:11
Text Analysis
3588 [e]כִּ֚י
4687 [e]הַמִּצְוָ֣ה
commandmentArt | N-fs
2063 [e]הַזֹּ֔את
thisArt | Pro-fs
834 [e]אֲשֶׁ֛ר
595 [e]אָנֹכִ֥י
6680 [e]מְצַוְּךָ֖
command youV-Piel-Prtcpl-msc | 2ms
3117 [e]הַיּ֑וֹם
todayArt | N-ms
3808 [e]לֹֽא־
6381 [e]נִפְלֵ֥את
[too] mysteriousV-Nifal-Prtcpl-fs
1931 [e]הִוא֙
4480 [e]מִמְּךָ֔
for youPrep | 2ms
3808 [e]וְלֹ֥א
norConj-w | Adv-NegPrt
7350 [e]רְחֹקָ֖ה
far offAdj-fs
1931 [e]הִֽוא׃
[is] itPro-3fs

Hebrew Texts
דברים 30:11 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
כִּ֚י הַמִּצְוָ֣ה הַזֹּ֔את אֲשֶׁ֛ר אָנֹכִ֥י מְצַוְּךָ֖ הַיֹּ֑ום לֹֽא־נִפְלֵ֥את הִוא֙ מִמְּךָ֔ וְלֹ֥א רְחֹקָ֖ה הִֽוא׃

דברים 30:11 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
כי המצוה הזאת אשר אנכי מצוך היום לא־נפלאת הוא ממך ולא רחקה הוא׃

דברים 30:11 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
כי המצוה הזאת אשר אנכי מצוך היום לא־נפלאת הוא ממך ולא רחקה הוא׃

דברים 30:11 Hebrew Bible
כי המצוה הזאת אשר אנכי מצוך היום לא נפלאת הוא ממך ולא רחקה הוא׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach.

King James Bible
For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
This command that I give you today is certainly not too difficult or beyond your reach.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

it is not hidden Or as the word {niphlaith} implies, not too {wonderful} for thee to comprehend or perform; but easily to be acquainted with, and understood, because clearly revealed: neither is it afar off; it was proclaimed in you ears from mount Sinai, and is now proclaimed in the sanctuary: it is not in heaven, for it has been already revealed: neither is it beyond the sea that you need travel for instruction, as the ancient philosophers did, or seek instruction from men, at immense labour and expense; but the word is very nigh to thee; brought to thy very doors; in thy mouth, and in thy heart; made so familiar as to afford a topic of common discourse, that it might be laid up in the memory and reduced to practice.

Psalm 147:19,20 He shows his word to Jacob, his statutes and his judgments to Israel…

Isaiah 45:19 I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said …

Romans 16:25,26 Now to him that is of power to establish you according to my gospel, …

Colossians 1:26,27 Even the mystery which has been hid from ages and from generations, …

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