Numbers 1:24
Text Analysis
1121 [e]לִבְנֵ֣י
From the sonsPrep-l | N-mpc
1410 [e]גָ֔ד
of GadN-proper-ms
8435 [e]תּוֹלְדֹתָ֥ם
their genealogiesN-fpc | 3mp
4940 [e]לְמִשְׁפְּחֹתָ֖ם
by their familiesPrep-l | N-fpc | 3mp
1004 [e]לְבֵ֣ית
by housePrep-l | N-msc
1 [e]אֲבֹתָ֑ם
their fathers'N-mpc | 3mp
4557 [e]בְּמִסְפַּ֣ר
according to the numberPrep-b | N-msc
8034 [e]שֵׁמ֗וֹת
of namesN-mp
1121 [e]מִבֶּ֨ן
from oldPrep-m | N-msc
6242 [e]עֶשְׂרִ֤ים
8141 [e]שָׁנָה֙
4605 [e]וָמַ֔עְלָה
and aboveConj-w | Adv | 3fs
3605 [e]כֹּ֖ל
3318 [e]יֹצֵ֥א
who [were able to] goV-Qal-Prtcpl-msc
6635 [e]צָבָֽא׃
to warN-cs

Hebrew Texts
במדבר 1:24 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
לִבְנֵ֣י גָ֔ד תֹּולְדֹתָ֥ם לְמִשְׁפְּחֹתָ֖ם לְבֵ֣ית אֲבֹתָ֑ם בְּמִסְפַּ֣ר שֵׁמֹ֗ות מִבֶּ֨ן עֶשְׂרִ֤ים שָׁנָה֙ וָמַ֔עְלָה כֹּ֖ל יֹצֵ֥א צָבָֽא׃

במדבר 1:24 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
לבני גד תולדתם למשפחתם לבית אבתם במספר שמות מבן עשרים שנה ומעלה כל יצא צבא׃

במדבר 1:24 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
לבני גד תולדתם למשפחתם לבית אבתם במספר שמות מבן עשרים שנה ומעלה כל יצא צבא׃

במדבר 1:24 Hebrew Bible
לבני גד תולדתם למשפחתם לבית אבתם במספר שמות מבן עשרים שנה ומעלה כל יצא צבא׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Of the sons of Gad, their genealogical registration by their families, by their fathers' households, according to the number of names, from twenty years old and upward, whoever was able to go out to war,

King James Bible
Of the children of Gad, by their generations, after their families, by the house of their fathers, according to the number of the names, from twenty years old and upward, all that were able to go forth to war;

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The descendants of Gad: according to their family records by their clans and their ancestral houses, counting the names of those 20 years old or more, everyone who could serve in the army,
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

The tribe of Gad marched along with that of Simeon, under the standard of Reuben; and it seems on that account, to have been introduced in this order. The other tribes also, are here classed together according to their encampments, and the order of their subsequent march.

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Genesis 46:16 And the sons of Gad; Ziphion, and Haggi, Shuni, and Ezbon, Eri, and …

Genesis 49:19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.

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