Colossians 2
Wycliffe's Bible
1But I will (But I desire), that ye know, what busyness I have for you, and for them that be at Laodicea, and whichever saw not my face in (the) flesh, 2that their hearts be comforted, and they be taught in charity (so that their hearts be strengthened, and they be taught in love), into all the riches of the plenty of understanding, into the knowing of [the] mystery of God, the Father of Jesus Christ, 3in whom all the treasures of wisdom and of science, (or of knowing), be hid. (in whom all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge be hidden.) 4For this thing I say, that no man deceive you in height of words. (And I say this to you, so that no one shall deceive you with high-sounding arguments.) 5For though I be absent in body, [but] by spirit I am with you, joying and seeing your order and the firmness of your belief that is in Christ (rejoicing and seeing your order and the firmness of your belief that is in the Messiah).

6Therefore as ye have taken Jesus Christ our Lord, walk ye in him, (And so as ye have received Jesus Christ our Lord, now walk in him/now live in him,) 7and be ye rooted and builded above in him, (that is, in Christ, or in the Messiah), and confirmed in the belief, as ye have learned, abounding in him in (the) doing of thankings (and abounding in the giving of thanks, or in thanksgiving, for you).

8See ye that no man deceive you by philosophy and vain, (or empty and futile), fallacy, after the tradition(s) of men, after the elements of the world, and not after Christ. 9For in him dwelleth body-like all the fullness of the Godhead. 10And ye be [ful]filled in him, that is (the) head of all principat and power. 11In whom also ye be circumcised in (a) circumcision not made with hand(s), in (the) despoiling, (or in the nakedness), of the body of flesh, but in (the) circumcision of, (or made by,) Christ; 12and ye be buried together with him in baptism, in whom also ye have risen again by (the) faith of the working of God, that raised him from death [that raised him from (the) dead]. 13And when ye were dead in your guilts, and in the prepuce of your flesh, he quickened together you with him; forgiving to you all guilts, (or all trespasses), (And when ye were dead in your guilts, and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, or with your flesh uncircumcised, he enlivened you with the Messiah; forgiving all of your trespasses;) 14doing away that writing of (the) decree that was against us, that was contrary to us; and he took away that from the middle, pitching it on the cross (fixing it on the cross); 15and he spoiled principats and powers, and led out trustily, openly overcoming them in himself.

16Therefore no man judge you in meat, or in drink, or in part of feast day, or of new moon, or of sabbaths, (And so let no man judge you about food, or drink, or taking part in Feast Days, or about new moons, or about the Sabbath,) 17which be (but a) shadow of things to coming [which be (but a) shadow of things to come]; for the body is of Christ. 18(Let) No man deceive you, willing to teach in meekness, (or with humility), and [the] religion of angels, those things which he hath not seen, walking vainly, swollen, (or in-blown), with (the) wit of his flesh (with a worldly mind), 19and not holding the head, of which all the body, by bands and joinings together under-ministered and made, waxeth into [the] increasing of God.

20For if ye be dead with Christ from the elements of the world, what yet as men living to the world deem ye? (For if ye be with the Messiah and so dead to the elements of the world, then why do ye judge like men still living in the world?) 21That ye touch not, neither taste, neither treat with hands those things, 22which all be into death by that use, after the commandments and teachings of men; 23which have a reason of wisdom in vain religion, (or in superstition), and meekness, and not to spare the body, not in any honour to the fulfilling of the flesh.


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Wycliffe’s New Testament
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