Psalm 85
Young's Literal Translation

You Have Been Favorable to Your Land

1To the Overseer. — By sons of Korah. A Psalm. Thou hast accepted, O Jehovah, Thy land, Thou hast turned [to] the captivity of Jacob.

2Thou hast borne away the iniquity of Thy people, Thou hast covered all their sin. Selah.

3Thou hast gathered up all Thy wrath, Thou hast turned back from the fierceness of Thine anger.

4Turn back [to] us, O God of our salvation, And make void Thine anger with us.

5To the age art Thou angry against us? Dost Thou draw out Thine anger To generation and generation?

6Dost Thou not turn back? Thou revivest us, And Thy people do rejoice in Thee.

7Show us, O Jehovah, thy kindness, And Thy salvation Thou dost give to us.

8I hear what God Jehovah speaketh, For He speaketh peace unto His people, And unto His saints, and they turn not back to folly.

9Only, near to those fearing Him [is] His salvation, That honour may dwell in our land.

10Kindness and truth have met, Righteousness and peace have kissed,

11Truth from the earth springeth up, And righteousness from heaven looketh out,

12Jehovah also giveth that which is good, And our land doth give its increase.

13Righteousness before Him goeth, And maketh His footsteps for a way!

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