2 Chronicles 12
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Shishak Raids Jerusalem
(1 Kings 14:25–28)

1And it came to passe, that when Rehoboam had stablished the kingdome & became mightie, he forsooke the law of the Lorde, and all Israel with him. 2And it fortuned, that in the fifth yere of king Rehoboam, Sesac the king of Egypt came vp against Hierusalem, because they had transgressed against the Lorde, 3With twelue hundred charettes, and threescore thousand horsemen: And the people wer without number that came with him out of Egypt, Lubim, Suckim, and the blacke Moores. 4And he toke the strong cities in Iuda, and came to Hierusalem. 5Then came Semeia the prophete to Rehoboam and to the Lordes of Iuda that were gathered together within Hierusalem for Sesac, and saide vnto them: Thus saith the Lorde, Ye haue left me, and therefore haue I also left you in the handes of Sesac. 6Whereupon the lordes of Israel and the king humbled themselues, and said: The Lorde is righteous.

7And when the Lorde saw that they submitted them selues, the worde of the Lorde came to Semeia, saying: They submit them selues, therefore I wyl not destroye them, but I wyll deliuer them somewhat, and my wrath shall not be powred out vpon Hierusalem by the hand of Sesac. 8Neuerthelesse, they shalbe his seruauntes: to knowe what difference is betweene my seruice and the seruice of the kingdomes of the worlde.

9And so Sesac king of Egypt came to Hierusalem, & toke away the treasures of the house of the Lorde, and the treasures of the kinges house, he toke euen all: and he carryed away the shieldes of golde which Solomon made. 10In steade of which, king Rehoboam made shieldes of brasse, and committed them to the handes of the chiefe of the garde, & that kept the entraunce of the kinges house. 11And it came to passe, that when the king entred into the house of the Lorde, the garde came and fet them, & brought them againe vnto the gard chamber. 12And when he humbled himselfe, the wrath of the Lorde turned from him, that he woulde not destroy altogether: and in Iuda all was well.

Rehoboam’s Reign and Death
(1 Kings 14:21–24)

13And so king Rehoboam waxed mightie, & raigned in Hierusalem: And Rehoboam was one and fourtie yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned seuenteene yeres in Hierusalem, the citie which the Lorde had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel to put his name there: And his mothers name was Naama, an Ammonitesse. 14And he did euill, because he prepared not his heart to seeke the Lorde.

15The actes also of Rehoboam first and last, are they not written in the sayinges of Semeia the prophete, & of Iddo the sear, which noted the genealogie? And there was warre alway betweene Rehoboam and Ieroboam. 16And Rehoboam slept with his fathers, and was buried in the citie of Dauid, and Abia his sonne raigned in his steade.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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