2 Chronicles 35
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Josiah Restores the Passover
(2 Kings 23:21–27)

1And Iosia helde the feast of passouer vnto the Lorde in Hierusalem, & they slue passouer in the fourteenth day of the first moneth. 2And he set the priestes in their offices, and ayded them in the seruice of the house of the Lorde, 3And sayd vnto the Leuites that taught all Israel, and were sanctified vnto the Lorde: Put the holy arke in the house whiche Solomon the sonne of Dauid king of Israel dyd buylde, it shalbe no more a burden vpon your shoulders: But now serue the Lord your God, and his people Israel: 4And prepare your selues by your auncient housholdes, and companies, according to the writing of Dauid king of Israel, and the writing of Solomon his sonne: 5And stand in the holy place, according to the deuision of the auncient housholdes of your brethren the children of the people, and after the deuision of the auncient housholdes of the Leuites: 6Kill passouer, and sanctifie your selues, & prepare your brethren, that they may do according to the word of the Lord by the hande of Moyses.

7And Iosia gaue to the people flockes of sheepe and kiddes all for passouer, and for al that were present, thirtie thousande by tale, and three thousande oxen: and these were euen of the kinges substaunce. 8And his lordes gaue willingly both vnto the people and to the priestes, and vnto the Leuites: Helkia also, Zacharia, and Iehiel, rulers of the house of God, gaue vnto the priestes for passouer offeringes two thousande and sixe hundred sheepe, and three hundred oxen. 9Conania, and Semeiahu, & Nathanael his brethren, & Hasabiah, and Iehiel, and Iosabad, rulers of the Leuites, gaue vnto the Leuites passouer offeringes euen fiue thousande sheepe and fiue hundred oxen.

10And so the seruice was prepared, and the priestes stoode in their places, & the Leuites in their distinct companies, at the kinges commaundement: 11And they slue passouer, and the priestes sprinckled the blood with their hande, and the Leuites pulled of the skinnes of the beastes. 12And they set away the burnt offeringes, to geue them vnto the people that were deuided be auncient houses, and that they shoulde offer vnto the Lorde, like as is written in the booke of Moyses: And so dyd they with the oxen also. 13And they dressed the passouer with fire, as the maner was: And the other dedicate beastes sodde they in pottes, caldrons, and pannes, and deuided them among all the people. 14And afterward they made redy for them selues and for the priestes: for the priestes the children of Aaron were busied in offring of burnt offringes and the fat vntill night: therfore the Leuites prepared for them selues and for the priestes the sonnes of Aaron. 15And the singers the children of Asaph stoode in their standing, according to the commaundement of Dauid, and Asaph, Heman, and Ieduthun the kinges sear: and the porters wayted at euery gate, and might not depart from their seruice: for their brethren the Leuites prepared for them.

16And so all the seruice of the Lord was prepared the same day, to offer passouer, and to offer burnt offeringes vpon the aulter of the Lord, according to the commaundement of king Iosia, 17And the children of Israel that were present, kept the passouer the same time, and the feast of sweet bread seuen dayes. 18And there was no passouer like to that kept in Israel from the dayes of Samuel the prophete, neither did al the kinges of Israel holde such a passeouer feast as dyd Iosia, and the priestes and Leuites, and all Iuda and Israel that were present, and the inhabiters of Hierusalem. 19This passouer was holden in the eyghteenth yere of the raigne of Iosia.

The Death of Josiah
(2 Kings 23:28–30)

20After all this when Iosia had prepared the temple, Necho king of Egypt came vp to fight against Charcamis beside Euphrates: and Iosia went out against him. 21Whiche sent messengers to hym, and said: What haue I to do with thee thou king of Iuda? Be not thou against thy selfe this day, for my warre is against another house, and God bad me make hast: Leaue of therfore & meddle not with God which is with me, lest he destroy thee. 22Neuerthelesse Iosia would not turne his face from him, but rather toke aduise to fight with hym, and hearkened not vnto the wordes of Necho out of the mouth of God, and came to fight in the valley of Mageddo. 23And the shooters shot dartes at king Iosia: And the king sayde to his seruauntes, Carie me away, for I am sore wounded. 24His seruauntes therefore had hym out of that charet, and put him in another charet that they had: And when they had brought him to Hierusalem, he died, and was buried in the sepulchre of his fathers: And all Iuda and Hierusalem mourned for Iosia.

Laments over Josiah

25And Ieremia lamented Iosia, and all singing men and singing women mourned for Iosias in their lamentations to this day, and made the same lamentations an ordinaunce in Israel: and beholde they are written in the lamentations. 26The rest of the actes of Iosia and his goodnes whiche he did folowing in the writing of the lawe of the Lorde, 27And his sayinges first and last, behold they are written in the booke of the kinges of Israel and Iuda.

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