Proverbs 15
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A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath

1A soft aunswere appeaseth wrath: but rough wordes stirre vp anger.

2The tongue of such as be wise vseth knoweledge aryght: as for a foolishe mouth it babbleth out nothyng but foolishnesse.

3The eyes of the Lorde in euery place, beholdeth both the good and the bad.

4A wholsome tongue is a tree of lyfe: but the frowardnesse therof doth make sad the spirite.

5A foole dispiseth his fathers correction: but he that taketh heede when he is reproued, shall haue the more vnderstandyng.

6The house of the ryghteous is full of riches: but in the fruites of the vngodly there is trouble.

7The lippes of the wise do sowe knowledge: but the heart of the foolishe do not so.

8The Lorde abhorreth the sacrifice of the vngodly: but the prayer of the righteous is acceptable vnto hym.

9The way of the vngodly is an abhomination vnto the Lorde: but who so foloweth righteousnesse, him he loueth.

10Correction is greeuous vnto hym that forsaketh the way: and who so hateth correction shall dye.

11Hell and destruction are before the Lorde: howe much more then the heartes of the children of men?

12A scornefull body loueth not one that rebuketh hym: neither wyll he come vnto the wyse.

13A mery heart maketh a chearfull countenaunce: but by the sorowe of the heart the mynde is heauy.

14The heart of hym that hath vnderstandyng doth seke knowledge: but the mouth of fooles is fed with foolishnesse.

15All the dayes of the poore are miserable: but a quiet heart is a continuall feast.

16Better is a litle with the feare of the Lorde: then great treasure, and trouble therwith.

17Better is a dynner of hearbes with loue, then a fat oxe with euyll wyll.

18An angry man stirreth vp strife: but he that is patient stylleth discorde.

19The way of a slouthfull man is as an hedge of thornes: but the way of the ryghteous is playne.

20A wyse sonne maketh a glad father: but a foolishe man dispiseth his mother.

21Foolishnesse is ioy to him that is destitute of knowledge: but a man of vnderstandyng walketh vprightly.

22Thoughtes without counsayle shall come to naught: but wheras men are that can geue good counsayle, there is stedfastnesse.

23A ioyfull thing it is to a man whe his counsayle is folowed: and howe good is a worde spoken in season.

24The way of lyfe is on hygh to the wise, that a man shoulde beware of hell beneath.

25The Lorde wyll breake downe the house of the proude: but he shall make fast the borders of the wydowe.

26The Lorde abhorreth the imaginations of the wicked: but the wordes of the pure are pleasaunt.

27The greedy couetous man rooteth vp his owne house: but who so hateth rewardes shall lyue.

28The heart of the ryghteous studyeth his aunswere afore: but the wicked mans mouth spueth out mischiefe.

29The Lorde is farre from the vngodly: but he heareth the prayer of the ryghteous.

30The clearnes of the eye reioyseth the heart, & a good name feedeth the bones.

31The eare that hearkeneth to the refourmation of lyfe, shall dwell among the wyse.

32He that refuseth to be refourmed, dispiseth his owne soule: but he that submitteth him selfe to correction, is wyse.

33The feare of the Lorde is the ryght science of wisdome, and lowlynesse goeth before honour.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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