Proverbs 23
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True Riches
(1 Timothy 6:17–19; James 5:1–6)

1When thou sittest to eate with a noble man, consider diligently what is set before thee.

2Measure thyne appetite if it be gredyly set.

3Be not desirous of his daintie meates, for meate begyleth and deceaueth.

Saying 8

4Take not ouer great trauayle to be riche, beware of suche a purpose.

5Wylt thou set thyne eye vpon the thing which sodenly vanisheth away? For riches make them selues wynges, and take their flight lyke an Egle into the ayre.

Saying 9

6Eate thou not the bread of hym that hath an euyll eye: neither desire thou his daintie meate.

7For as though he thought it in his heart, he saith, eate and drinke: where as his heart is not with thee.

8The morsels that thou hast eaten shalt thou parbreake, and loose those sweete wordes.

Saying 10

9Tell nothing into the eares of a foole: for he wyll despise the wysdome of thy wordes.

Saying 11

10Remoue not the olde lande marke, and come not within the fielde of the fatherlesse:

11For their redeemer is mightie, euen he shall defend their cause against thee.

Saying 12

12Applye thyne heart vnto correction, and thyne eare to the wordes of knowledge.

Saying 13

13Withholde not correction from the chylde: for if thou beatest hym with the rodde, he shall not dye thereof:

14If thou smyte hym with the rodde, thou shalt deliuer his soule from hell.

Saying 14

15My sonne if thy heart receaue wysdome, my heart also shall reioyce:

16Yea my raynes shalbe very glad, if thy lippes speake the thing that is right.

Saying 15

17Let not thyne heart be ielous to folowe sinners, but kepe thee styll in the feare of the Lorde all the day long:

18For veryly there is an ende, and thy pacient abiding shall not be cut of.

Saying 16

19My sonne geue eare and be wyse, and set straight thyne heart in the way of the Lorde.

20Kepe not company with wine bibbers, and riotous eaters of fleshe:

21For suche as be drunkardes and riotours shall come to pouertie: and he that is geuen to muche sleepe, shall go with a ragged coate.

Saying 17

22Geue eare vnto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is olde.

23Purchase trueth, wysdome, nurture, and vnderstanding, and sell them not.

24The father of the righteous shall greatly reioyce: and he that begetteth a wyse chylde, shall haue ioy of hym.

25Do so that thy father and mother may be glad of thee, and that she that bare thee may reioyce.

Saying 18

26My sonne geue me thyne heart, and let thyne eyes haue pleasure in my wayes:

27For an whore is a deepe graue, and a straunge woman is a narowe pit.

28She lyeth in wayte as for a pray, and increaseth the transgressours amongst men.

Saying 19

29Who hath wo? who hath sorowe? who hath strife? who hath brawling? and who hath woundes without a cause?

30Or who hath red eyes? euen they that be euer at the wine, & seeke excesse.

31Looke not thou vpon the wine howe red it is, and what a colour it geueth in the glasse:

32It goeth downe sweetely, but at the last it byteth like a serpent, and stingeth lyke an adder.

33Thyne eyes shall beholde straunge women, and thyne heart shall vtter lewde thinges:

34Yea thou shalt be as though thou layest in the middest of the sea, or slepest vppon the top of the maste of a ship.

35They haue beaten me shalt thou say and I was not sicke, they haue stricken me, and I felt it not: When I am well wakened, I wil go to the drinke again.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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