Psalm 114
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

A Psalm of Exodus

1When Israel came out of Egypt: & the house of Iacob from among the barbarous people.

2Iuda was his holynesse: and Israel his dominion.

3The sea sawe that and fled: Iordane was driuen backe.

4The mountaynes skypped lyke rammes: and the litle hilles like young lambes.

5What ayleth thee O thou sea that thou fleddest? and thou Iordane that thou wast driuen backe?

6Ye mountaines what ayled you that ye skipped lyke rammes: and ye litle hilles like young lambes?

7Tremble thou earth at the presence of the Lorde: at the presence of the Lorde of Iacob.

8Whiche turned the harde rocke into a standing water: and the flint stone into a springing well of waters.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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