Psalm 147
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It Is Good to Sing Praises

1Prayse ye the Lorde, for it is a good thyng: sing psalmes vnto our Lorde, for it is a pleasaunt thing, his praise is to be desired.

2God buildeth vp Hierusalem: he wyll gather together the Israelites that were banished.

3He healeth those that are broken in heart: he wrappeth vp their sorowes.

4He counteth the number of the starres: he geueth vnto them all names.

5Great is our Lorde, and great is his power: his vnderstandyng is infinite.

6God setteth vp the meeke: he bringeth the vngodly downe to the grounde.

7Syng ye vnto God with a confession: syng psalmes vpon the Harpe vnto our Lorde.

8Who couereth the heauen with cloudes: who prepareth rayne for the earth, who maketh grasse to growe vppon the mountaynes.

9He geueth vnto cattell their foode: euen vnto Rauens which call for it.

10He hath no pleasure in the strength of an horse: he delighteth not in the legges of a man.

11God delyghteth in them that feare him: and in them that put their trust in his mercie.

12Prayse God O Hierusalem: prayse thy Lorde O Sion.

13For he maketh fast the barres of thy gates: he blesseth thy children within thee.

14He maketh peace in thy borders: he fylleth thee with good corne.

15He sendeth foorth his commaundement vpon the earth: his word runneth very swiftly.

16He geueth snowe so whyte as wooll: he scattereth the hoare frost like asshes.

17He casteth foorth his yse lyke fragmentes: who is able to abide his frost?

18He sendeth foorth his worde and melteth them: he bloweth with his winde, and the waters flowe.

19He declareth his worde vnto Iacob: his statutes & ordinaunces vnto Israel.

20He hath not dealt so with euery nation: neither haue they the knowledge of his iudgementes. Prayse ye the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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