Psalm 54
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

Save Me by Your Name
(1 Samuel 23:7–29)

1To the chiefe musition vpon Neginoth, a wyse instruction of Dauid, when the Ziphims came and sayd vnto Saul, hath not Dauid hyd him selfe amongst vs? Saue me O Lorde for thy name sake: iudge me accordyng to thy mightie power.

2Heare my prayer O Lord: and hearken vnto the wordes of my mouth.

3For straungers are rysen vp against me: and tirauntes whiche haue not the Lorde before their eyes, seeke after my soule. Selah.

4Behold, God is an ayde vnto me: the Lorde is with them that vpholde my soule.

5He wyll rewarde euyll vnto mine enemies: destroy thou them according to thy trueth.

6I wyll sacrifice vnto thee with a true wyllyng heart: I wyll confesse thy name O God, because it is good.

7For he hath deliuered me out of all my trouble: and mine eye hath seene auengaunce vpon mine enemies.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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