Psalm 87
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The LORD Loves the Gates of Zion

1A psalme, the song of the sonnes of Corach. God loueth the gates of Sion more then all the dwellynges of Iacob: for her foundations are vpon the holy hilles.

2(87:1) for her foundations are vpon the holy hilles.

3(87:2) Uery excellent thinges are spoken of thee: O thou citie of God. Selah.

4(87:3) I wyll make mention amongst those that knowe me, of Egypt and Babylon: behold also of Palestina and Tyre, with Ethiopia, and it shalbe sayde suche a man is borne there.

5(87:4) But of Sion it shalbe reported, that very many be borne in her: and the most highest him selfe shall establishe her.

6(87:5) God wyll number in the register of the people: euery one that is borne there. Selah.

7(87:6) And the singers aswell as the players of instrumentes: yea al my fountaines are in thee.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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