Leviticus 1:7
Good News Translation
and the priests shall arrange firewood on the altar and light it.

New Revised Standard Version
The sons of the priest Aaron shall put fire on the altar and arrange wood on the fire.

Contemporary English Version
while the priests pile wood on the altar fire to make it start blazing.

New American Bible
After Aaron’s sons, the priests, have put burning embers on the altar and laid wood on them,

Douay-Rheims Bible
And shall put fire on the altar, having before laid in order a pile of wood.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

And shall put fire on the altar, having before laid in order a pile of wood.


Leviticus 6:12,13 And the fire on the altar shall always burn, and the priest shall feed it, putting wood on it every day in the morning: and laying on the holocaust, shall burn thereupon the fat of the peace offerings. . . .

Leviticus 9:24 And, behold, a fire, coming forth from the Lord, devoured the holocaust, and the fat that was upon the altar: which when the multitude saw, they praised the Lord, falling on their faces.

Leviticus 10:1 And Nadab and Abiu, the sons of Aaron, taking their censers, put fire therein, and incense on it, offering before the Lord strange fire: which was not commanded them.

1 Chronicles 21:26 And he built there an altar to the Lord: and he offered holocausts, and peace offerings, and he called upon the Lord, and he heard him by sending fire from heaven upon the altar of the holocaust.

2 Chronicles 7:1 And when Solomon had made an end of his prayer, fire came down from heaven, and consumed the holocausts and the victims: and the majesty of the Lord filled the house.

Malachi 1:10 Who is there among you, that will shut the doors, and will kindle the fire on my altar gratis? I have no pleasure in you, saith the Lord of hosts: and I will not receive a gift of your hand.


Genesis 22:9 And they came to the place which God had shewn him, where he built an altar, and laid the wood in order upon it; and when he had bound Isaac his son, he laid him on the altar upon the pile of wood.

Nehemiah 13:31 And for the offering of wood at times appointed, and for the firstfruits: remember me, O my God, unto good. Amen.

Laws for Burnt Offerings
6And when they have flayed the victim, they shall cut the joints into pieces: 7And shall put fire on the altar, having before laid in order a pile of wood.8And they shall lay the parts that are cut out in order thereupon: to wit, the head, and all things that cleave to the liver;…
Cross References
Leviticus 6:8
And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

1 Kings 18:33
And he laid the wood in order, and cut the bullock in pieces, and laid it upon the wood.

Leviticus 1:6
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