Psalm 95
Contemporary English Version

Worship and Obey the Lord

1Sing joyful songs to the Lord!

Praise the mighty rock+

where we are safe.

2Come to worship him

with thankful hearts

and songs of praise.

3The Lord is the greatest God,

king over all other gods.

4He holds the deepest part

of the earth in his hands,

and the mountain peaks

also belong to him.

5The ocean is the Lord's

because he made it,

and with his own hands

he formed the dry land.

6Bow down and worship

the Lord our Creator!

7 The Lord is our God,

and we are his people,

the sheep he takes care of

in his own pasture.

Listen to God's voice today!

8 Don't be stubborn and rebel

as your ancestors did

at Meribah and Massah+

out in the desert.

9For forty years

they tested God and saw

the things he did.

10Then God got tired of them

and said,

“You never show good sense,

and you don't understand

what I want you to do.”

11 In his anger, God told them,

“You people will never enter

my place of rest.”


95.1 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.
95.8 Meribah and Massah: See the note at 81.7.

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