Psalm 96
Contemporary English Version

Sing a New Song to the Lord

1Sing a new song to the Lord!

Everyone on this earth,

sing praises to the Lord,

2sing and praise his name.

Day after day announce,

“The Lord has saved us!”

3Tell every nation on earth,

“The Lord is wonderful

and does marvelous things!

4The Lord is great and deserves

our greatest praise!

He is the only God

worthy of our worship.

5Other nations worship idols,

but the Lord created

the heavens.

6Give honor and praise

to the Lord,

whose power and beauty

fill his holy temple.”

7 Tell everyone of every nation,

“Praise the glorious power

of the Lord.

8He is wonderful! Praise him

and bring an offering

into his temple.

9Everyone on earth, now tremble

and worship the Lord,

majestic and holy.”

10Announce to the nations,

“The Lord is King!

The world stands firm,

never to be shaken,

and he will judge its people

with fairness.”

11Tell the heavens and the earth

to be glad and celebrate!

Command the ocean to roar

with all its creatures

12and the fields to rejoice

with all their crops.

Then every tree in the forest

will sing joyful songs

13to the Lord.

He is coming to judge

all people on earth

with fairness and truth.

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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