Isaiah 47
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Virgin; delicate. (Menochius) --- Cyrus overthrew this empire, (Calmet) which now felt its share of misery. (Worthington)

Shame. Hebrew tsammathec, Canticle of Canticles iv. 1, 4. Protestants, "thy locks, make bare the legs, uncover the thigh, pass," &c. (Haydock) --- Thou shalt be reduced to a state of the most abject slavery, Exodus xi. 5., and Supra[Isaias] iii. 17., and xx. 4. The Barbarians sold their slaves naked.

Polluted; deemed or declared unclean. But thou hast sought to gratify thy vindictive temper, in punishing my people. (Calmet) --- The sins of both called down vengeance. (Worthington)

Lady. Pride goes before ruin, Proverbs xvi. 18.

Two. The empire and the people shall be removed at once. --- Enchanters; princes or magicians, who gave them evil counsel, ver. 12.

Know. All this shews the vanity of magic, which cannot announce future events to do any good. (Calmet)


Months, to tell which would prove lucky, Esther iii. 7.

Thereat, to warm themselves, (Haydock) or to adore. (Calmet) --- In Cappadocia are to be seen "Pyratheia, which the magi keep a perpetual fire, and sing hymns about the space of an hour." (Strabo xv.) --- These were a sort of open temples. (Calmet)

Merchants. The city was well situated for trade, chap. xiii. 20. (Diodorus ii.)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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