Isaiah 48
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Waters; people, (Apocalypse xvii. 15.; Haydock) or from the stock of Juda, Proverbs v. 15. (Calmet) --- He claimed the sovereign power, but had not the fortitude or wisdom for Israel. (Worthington)

City: citizens of Jerusalem, Daniel iii. 28., and Matthew iv. 5.

Suddenly, when there was no human appearance of the event, as when I foretold the exploits of Cyrus and the ruin of Babylon so long before.

Brass; unblushing, Jeremias iii. 3. (Calmet) --- Os tuum ferreum. (Cicero, contra Pis.)

Them. Could you have believed them? --- Knowest not. He upbraids their ignorance and indocility.

Knew. Therefore I did not speak of the liberation from Egypt, but from Babylon, which is represented as just taking place. (Calmet)

Opened; docile, (Theodoret) or acquainted with these things. Isaias first made known the captivity of Babylon, and its end; and he insists so much, that people may discern the truth of his predictions, and of religion. No atheist can, with a good conscience, hold out against his arguments, chap. xl., &c.

Bridle thee, like a headstrong beast, (Calmet) running to its own ruin. (Haydock) --- God pardons freely, that people may be saved if they will. (Worthington)

Poverty, at Babylon. I have not treated thee with the utmost rigour, nor attempted to render thee free from every imperfection. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "Lo, I have sold thee, but not for silver; I have snatched thee from the," &c. (Haydock)

Things, as I have done respecting Cyrus? (St. Cyril, &c.) who was a figure of Christ, ver. 15.


Spirit. The Fathers here find the three Persons of the blessed Trinity specified. Isaias was not from the beginning, though the text may also speak of him (Calmet) as the spoke long before the event, by divine inspiration. (Chaldean) (St. Jerome)

Name. The Jews were not forgotten, till they had rejected the Messias.

Out. Their return was facilitated. This may easily be applied (Calmet) to the conversion of the Gentiles. (St. Jerome)

Peace. Septuagint, "rejoicing," or prosperity for the Chaldeans or wicked Jews, ver. 18. (Calmet) --- It is promised only to the penitent. (Worthington)

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