1 Chronicles 22
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Preparations for the Temple

1And Dauid sayde: Here shal be ye house of God ye LORDE, and this the altare of burntofferynges for Israel.

2And Dauid comaunded to gather together the straungers that were in ye londe of Israel, and appoynted masons to hewe stone for the buyldinge of the house of God. 3And Dauid prepared moch yron for nales in the dores of the portes, and for soch thinges as were to be naled together, and so moch brasse, that is was not to be weyed: 4and Cedre trees innumerable: for they of Zidon & Tyre brought Dauid moch Cedre tymbre: 5for Dauid thoughte, Salomo my sonne is but a childe and tender: But the house that shal be buylded vnto the LORDE, shal be greate, that his name & prayse maye be exalted in all londes, therfore wyl I prouyde for him. So Dauid made greate prouysion before his death.

Solomon Anointed to Build the Temple

6And he called Salomon his sonne, & commaunded him to buylde the house of LORDE God of Israel, 7and sayde vnto him: My sonne, I was minded to buylde an house vnto the name of the LORDE my God, 8but the worde of ye LORDE came vnto me, and sayde: Thou hast shed moch bloude, and strycken many battayls, therfore shalt thou not buylde an house vnto my name, for as moch as thou hast shed so moch bloude vpon the earth before me. 9Beholde, the sonne which shal be borne vnto the, shal be a quyete man: and I wyl cause him to be in rest from al his enemies on euery syde, for his name shalbe Salomon: for I wyll geue peace and rest vpon Israel as longe as he lyueth. 10He shal buylde an house vnto my name. He shal be my sonne, and I wyll be his father. And I wyl stablyshe ye seate of his kyngdome vpo Israel for euer. 11Now my sonne, the LORDE shal be wyth the, and thou shalt prospere, that thou mayest buylde an house vnto the LORDE thy God, acordynge as he hath spoken of the. 12The LORDE also shal geue the wysdome & vnderstondynge, and shal commytte Israel vnto the, that thou mayest kepe the lawe of the LORDE thy God. 13But then shal thou prospere, yf thou take hede to do after the ordynaunces and lawes which the LORDE commaunded Moses vnto Israel. Be stronge, and take a good corage vnto the, feare not, and be not faynt harted. 14Beholde, I haue in my pouerte prouyded for the house of the LORDE, an hundreth thousande talentes of golde, and a thousande tymes a thousande talentes of syluer, and brasse and yron without nombre: for there is so moch of it. And tymbre and stone haue I prepared, thou mayest get more therof. 15Thou hast many workmen also, mesons and carpenters in stone and tymber, and all maner of men that haue vnderstondinge in all worke 16off golde, syluer, brasse, and yron without nombre. Yet get the vp, and be doynge, and the LORDE shal be with the.

17And Dauid commaunded all the rulers of Israel, to helpe Salomon his sonne, and sayde: 18Is not the LORDE youre God with you, and hath geuen you rest on euery syde? for he hath delyuered the inhabiters of the londe in to youre handes, and the londe is subdued before the LORDE and before his people. 19Geue ouer youre hert now therfore and youre soule, to seke the LORDE youre God, and get you vp, and buylde a Sanctuary vnto the LORDE God, that the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE and the holy vessels of God, maye be brought in to the house, which shalbe buylded vnto the name of the LORDE.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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