1 Chronicles 23
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The Divisions of the Levites

1So Dauid made Salomon his sonne kynge ouer Israel, whan he himselfe was olde, and had lyued ynough. 2And Dauid gathered all the rulers in Israel together, and the prestes & Leuites,

3to nombre ye Leuites from thirtie yeare olde & aboue. And ye nombre of the (which were stroge men) fro heade to heade, was eight and thirtie thousande: 4of whom there were foure & twentie thousande, which dyd their diligence in the worke ouer ye house of the LORDE, and sixe thousande officers and Iudges, 5and foure thousande porters, & foure thousande that songe prayses vnto ye LORDE with instrumentes, which he had made to synge prayse with all. 6And Dauid made the ordinaunce amonge the children of Leui, namely amoge Gerson, Kahath & Merari.

The Gershonites
(Numbers 3:21–26; Numbers 4:21–28)

7The Gersonites were: Laedan and Simei. 8The children of Laedan: the first, Iehiel, Sethan, and Ioel, these thre. 9The children of Simei were: Salomith, Hasiel and Haran, these thre. These were the chefe amonge the fathers of Laedan. 10These also were the children of Simei: Iahath, Sina, Ieus and Bria, these foure were Simeis children also. 11Iahath was the first, Sina the seconde. As for Ieus and Bria, they had not many childre, therfore were they couted but for one fathers house.

The Kohathites
(Numbers 3:27–32; Numbers 4:1–20)

12The childre of Kahath were: Amram, Iezehar, Hebron and Vsiel, these foure. 13The childre of Amram were: Aaron and Moses. As for Aaron, he was separated, to be sanctified for the Most holy, he & his sonnes for euer, to burne incense before the LORDE, & to mynister and blesse in ye name of the LORDE for euermore. 14And the children of Moses the man of God were named amonge ye trybe of the Leuites. 15The childre of Moses were Gerson and Elieser. 16The children of Gerson, the fyrst was Sebuel. 17The children of Elieser, the fyrst was Rehabia & Elieser had none other children. But ye childre of Rehabia were many ther ouer. 18The children of Iezehar were: Salomith the fyrst. 19The children of Hebron were: Ieria the fyrst, Amaria the seconde, Iahasiel the thirde and Iakmeam ye fourth. 20The children of Vsiel were: Micha the fyrst and Iesia the seconde.

The Merarites
(Numbers 3:33–37; Numbers 4:29–33)

21The children of Merari were: Maheli & Musi. The children of Maheli were: Eleasar and Cis. 22And Eleasar dyed, and had no sonnes but doughters. And the children of Cis their brethren toke them. 23The children of Musi were: Maheli, Eder and Ieremoth, these thre.

Levite Duties Revised

24These are the children of Leui amonge their fathers houses, and the chefest of the fathers, which were counted after the nombre of ye names heade by heade: which executed the worke of the offices in the house of the LORDE from thirtie yeare olde & aboue. 25For Dauid sayde: The LORDE God of Israel hath geuen his people rest, & shall dwell at Ierusalem for euer. 26Amonge ye Leuites also were the childre of Leui nombred from thirtie yeare olde and aboue, that they neded not to beare ye Habitacion with all the vessels of their office, 27but acordinge to ye last wordes of Dauid, 28yt they shulde stonde vnder the hande of the children of Aaron, to mynister in the house of the LORDE in the courte, and to the chestes, and for purifyenge, and to all maner of sanctifyenge, and to euery worke of the office in the house of God. 29And for ye shewbred, for the fyne floure, for the meatoffrynge, for the vnleuended wafers, for the pannes, for ye fryenge, and for all maner of weight and measure. 30And in the mornynge to stonde for to geue thankes and to prayse the LORDE, and in the euenynge likewyse. 31And vpon all Sabbathes, Newmones and feastes to offre all the burntofferynges vnto the LOROE, acordinge to the nombre and ordre, allwaye before the LORDE: 32to wayte vpon the Tabernacle of witnesse and of the Sactuary, and vpon their brethre the children of Aaron, to mynister in the house of the LORDE.

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