2 Chronicles 12
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Shishak Raids Jerusalem
(1 Kings 14:25–28)

1Bvt wha the kyngdome of Roboam was confirmed and stablyshed, he forsoke the lawe of the LORDE & all Israel with him. 2And in the fyfth yeare of Roboam wete Sisack the kynge of Egipte vp agaynst Ierusalem (for they had transgressed agaynst the LORDE) 3with a thousande and two hundreth charettes, and with thre score thousande horsmen, and the people were innumerable that came with him out of Egipte, Libya, Suchim & out of Ethiopia, 4and he wanne the stroge cities that were in Iuda, and came to Ierusalem. 5Then came Semaia ye prophet vnto Roboam and to ye rulers of Iuda (which were gathered together at Ierusalem for Sisack) & sayde vnto them: Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Ye haue lefte me, therfore haue I lefte you also in Sisacks hande. 6The the rulers in Israel with the kynge submytted them selues, and sayde: The LORDE is righteous.

7But wha the LORDE sawe yt they hubled them selues, ye worde of the LORDE came to Semaia, & sayde: They haue humbled them selues, therfore wyl I not destroye them, but I wyl geue them a litle delyueraunce, that my indignacion fall not vpon Ierusalem by Sisack: 8for they shalbe subdued vnto him, yt they maye knowe what it is to serue me, & to serue the kyngdomes of the worlde.

9Thus wete Sisack the kynge of Egipte vp to Ierusalem, & toke the treasures in the house of the LORDE, & the treasures in the kynges house, and caried all awaye, and toke the shyldes of golde that Salomon caused to make: 10in steade wherof kynge Roboa made shyldes of stele, and commytted the vnto the chefe fotemen, which kepte the dore of the kynges house. 11And as oft as the kynge wente in to the house of the LORDE, ye fote men came & bare them, & brought them againe in to ye fote mens chaber. 12And for so moch as he submytted himselfe, ye wrath of ye LORDE turned fro him, so that all was not destroied: for there was yet some good in Iuda.

Rehoboam’s Reign and Death
(1 Kings 14:21–24)

13Thus was Roboam the kinge stablished in Ierusalem, and reigned. One and fortye yeare olde was Roboam wha he was made kynge, and reigned seuentene yeare at Ierusalem in the cite, which the LORDE had chosen out of all the trybes of Israel, to set his name there. His mothers name was Naema an Ammonitisse: 14and he did euell, and prepared not his hert to seke the LORDE.

15These actes of Roboam, both fyrst and last, are wrytten in the actes of Semaia the prophet, & of Iddo the Seer, and are noted, & so are the warres that Roboam and Ieroboam had together as longe as they lyued. 16And Roboam fell on slepe with his fathers and was buryed in the cite of Dauid, & Abia his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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