2 Chronicles 3
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Temple Construction Begins
(1 Kings 6:1–4)

1And Salomon beganne to buylde the house of the LORDE at Ierusalem vpon the mount Moria, that was shewed vnto Dauid his father, which Dauid had prepared for the rowme, vpon the corne floore of Arnan the Iebusite. 2In the seconde daye of the seconde moneth in the fourth yeare of his reigne begane he to buylde.

3And so layed Salomon the foundacion to buylde the house of God: first the length thre score cubytes, the bredth twentye cubites 4and the Porche before the wydenes of the house, was twentye cubites longe, but the height was an hundreth and twentye, and he ouerlayed it on the ynsyde with pure golde.

The Temple’s Interior
(1 Kings 6:14–22)

5But the greate house syled he with Pyne tre, and ouerlayed it with the best golde, and made palme trees and throwne worke theron, 6and ouerlayed the house with precious stones to beutifye it. As for the golde, it was golde of Paruaim. 7And the balkes and postes aboue, and the walles, and the dores of it ouerlayed he with golde, and caused Cherubins to be carued on the walles.

8He made also the house of the Most holy, whose length was twentye cubites acordinge to the wydenesse of the house: and the bredth of it was twentye cubites likewyse, and he ouerlayed it with the best golde by sixe hundreth talentes. 9And for nales he gaue fiftye Sicles of golde in weight, and ouerlayed the chambers with golde.

The Cherubim
(1 Kings 6:23–30)

10He made also in the house of the most holy, two Cherubins of carued worke, and ouerlayed them with golde:

11and the length on the wynges of the Cherubins, so that one wynge had fyue cubytes, and touched the wall of the house: and the other wynge had fyue cubytes also, and touched the wynge of the other Cherub. 12Euen so had one wynge of the other Cherub fyue cubites likewyse, and touched the wall of the house: and his other wynge had fyue cubites also, and touched the wynge of the other Cherub: 13so that these wynges of the Cherubins were spred out twentye cubites wyde. And they stode vpo their fete, and their face was turned to the house warde.

The Veil and Pillars
(1 Kings 7:13–22)

14He made a vayle also of yalow sylke, scarlet, purple and lynworke, and made Cherubins theron.

15And before the house he made two pilers fyue and thirtie cubites longe, and the knoppes aboue theron, fyue cubytes. 16And he made throwne worke for the quere, and put it aboue vpon the pilers: and made an hundreth pomgranates, and put them on the wrythren worke. 17And he set vp the pilers before the temple, the one on the righte honde, and the other on the lefte: and that on the righte honde called he Iachin, and it on the lefte honde called he Boos.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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