2 Chronicles 4
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The Bronze Altar and Molten Sea
(1 Kings 7:23–26)

1He made a brasen altare also, twentye cubytes longe, and twentye cubytes brode, and ten cubites hye. 2And he made a molten lauer ten cubites wyde fro the one syde to the other rounde aboute, and fyue cubytes hye. And a metelyne of thirtie cubites mighte comprehende it aboute. 3And ymages of Bullockes were vnder it. And aboute the lauer (which was ten cubites wyde) there were two rowes of knoppes, yt were molten withall. 4It stode so vpon the bullockes, that thre were turned towarde the north, thre towarde the west, thre towarde the south, and thre towarde the east, and the lauer aboue vpon them, and all their hynder partes were on the ynsyde. 5The thicknesse of it was an handbredth, and the edge of it was like the edge of a cuppe, and as a floured rose. And it conteyned thre thousande Batthes.

The Ten Basins, Lampstands, and Tables
(1 Kings 7:38–39)

6And he made ten kettels, wherof he set fyue on the righte hande and fyue on the lefte, to wasshe in them soch thinges as belonged to the burntofferynge, that they mighte thrust them therin: but ye lauer (made he) for for the prestes to wash in.

7Ten golden candelstickes made he also as they ought to be, and set them in the temple: fyue on the righte hande, and fyue on the lefte. 8And made ten tables, and set them in the temple: fyue on the righte hande, and fyue on the lefte. And made an hundreth basens of golde.

The Courts

9He made a courte likewyse for the prestes, and a greate courte, and dores in the courte, and ouerlayed ye dores with brasse. 10And the lauer set he on the righte syde towarde the south east.

Completion of the Bronze Works
(1 Kings 7:40–47)

11And Hiram made cauldrous, shouels and basens. So Hiram fynished the worke which he made for kynge Salomon in the house of God: 12namely the two pilers with the roundels and knoppes aboue vpon both the pilers, and both the wrythen ropes to couer both the roundels of ye knoppes aboue vpo the pilers, 13and the foure hundreth pomgranates on both the wrythe ropes, two rowes of pomgranates on euery rope, to couer the roundels of the knoppes that were aboue vpon the pilers. 14He made the stoles also and ye kettels vpon the stoles, 15and a lauer, and twolue bullockes there vnder. 16And pottes, shouels, fleshokes, and all their vessels made Hiram Abif of pure metall for kynge Salomon vnto the house of the LORDE. 17In the coaste of Iordane dyd the kynge cause them to be molten in thicke earth betwene Suchoth and Zaredatha. 18And Salomon made all these vessels which were so many, that the weight of ye metall was not to be soughte out.

Completion of the Gold Furnishings
(1 Kings 7:48–51)

19And Salomen made all the ornamentes for the house of God: namely, the golden altare, the tables and the shewbreds theron, 20the candelstickes with their lampes of pure golde, to burne before the Quere acordinge to the maner: 21and the floures and the lampes and the snoffers were of golde, all these were of pure golde. 22And the knyues, basens, spones and pottes, were of pure golde. And the intraunce and his dores within vnto the Most holy, and the dores of the house of the temple were of golde.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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