2 Kings 16
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Ahaz Reigns in Judah
(2 Chronicles 28:1–4)

1In the seuententh yeare of Pecah ye sonne of Romelia, was Achas the sonne of Iotham kynge of Iuda. 2Twetye yeare olde was Achas wha he was made kynge, & reigned sixtene yeare at Ierusalem, & dyd not yt which was righte in the sighte of ye LORDE his God, as dyd Dauid his father: 3for he walked in the waye of the kynges of Israel, Yee and caused his sonne to go thorow the fyre, after the maner of the abhominacions of the Heythen, whom the LORDE droue awaye before the childre of Israel. 4And he dyd sacrifice, and brent incense vpon the hye places, & vpon all hilles, and amonge all grene trees.

5Then wente Rezin the kynge of Syria, and Pecah the sonne of Romelia kynge of Israel vp to Ierusalem to fighte agaynst it, and layed sege to Achas: but they coulde not wynne it. 6At the same tyme dyd Rezin the kynge of Syria, brynge Eloth agayne vnto Syria, and thrust ye Iewes out of Eloth. But the Syrians came & dwelt therin vnto this daye.

7Neuertheles Achas sent messaungers vnto Teglatphalasser ye kynge of Assiria, sayege: I am thy seruaunt & thy sonne, come vp & helpe me out of ye hande of the kynge of Syria, & of the kynge of Israel, which are rysen vp agaynst me. 8And Achas toke the syluer & golde yt was founde in ye house of ye LORDE, & in the treasures of ye kynges house, & sent a present to ye kynge of Assiria. 9And ye kinge of Assiria cosented vnto him, & wente vp to Damascon, & wanne it, & caried them awaye vnto Cira, & slewe Rezin.

The Idolatry of Ahaz
(2 Chronicles 28:16–27)

10And kynge Achas wete to Damascon for to mete Teglatphalasser ye kynge of Assiria. And wha he sawe an altare yt was at Damascon, kynge Achas sent a patrone & symilitude of ye same altare vnto the prest Vrias, euen as it was made. 11And Vrias the prest buylded an altare, and made it acordinge as kynge Achas had sent vnto him from Damascon, tyll Achas ye kynge came from Damascon. 12And whan ye kynge came from Damascon, and sawe the altare, he offred theron, 13& kyndled his burntofferynges and meatofferynges vpon it, and poured his drynkofferinges theron, & caused the bloude of ye deedofferynges which he offred, to be sprenkled vpon the altare. 14But the brasen altare that stode before the LORDE, put he awaye, so that it stode not betwene the altare and the house of the LORDE, but set it in the corner on the north syde of the altare. 15And Achas the kynge comaunded Vrias ye prest, & sayde: Vpo the greate altare shalt thou kyndle ye burntoffrynge in the mornynge, & the meatoffrynge in the euenynge, & the kynges burntoffrynge & his meatoffrynge, & the burntoffrynge of all the people in the londe, wt their meatoffrynge & drynkoffrynge. And all the bloude of the burntofferynges, & all the bloude of the other offrynges shalt thou sprenkle theron: but with the brasen altare wyll I deuyse what I can. 16Vrias the prest dyd all acordinge as Achas the kynge commaunded him.

17And kynge Achas brake downe the seates, and put a waye the ketell from aboue, and toke the lauer from the brasen bullockes that were there vnder, and set it vpon ye pauement of stone. 18And the pulpit for the Sabbath which they had buylded in the house, and ye entrye of the kynges house turned he vnto the house of the LORDE, for the kynge of Assirias sake.

19What more there is to saye of Achas, what he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in ye Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda. 20And Achas fell on slepe with his fathers, & was buried wt his fathers in the cite of Dauid. And Ezechias his sonne was kynge in his steade.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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