2 Kings 20
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Hezekiah’s Illness and Recovery
(2 Chronicles 32:24–31; Isaiah 38:1–8)

1At that tyme was Ezechias deedsicke. And the prophet Esay ye sonne of Amos, came to him, & sayde vnto him: Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Set thine house in ordre for thou shalt dye & not lyue. 2And he turned, his face to the wall, and prayed vnto ye LORDE, and sayde: 3Remembre (O LORDE) that I haue walked faithfully before the, & with a perfecte hert, and haue done yt which is good in thy syghte. And Ezechias wepte sore. 4But whan Esay was not gone out of halfe the cite, ye worde of ye LORDE came to him, & sayde: 5Turne back, & tell Ezechias ye prynce of my people: Thus sayeth ye LORDE God of thy father Dauid: I haue herde thy praier, & considered yi teares. Beholde, I wil heale ye: on the thirde daye shalt thou go in to ye house of the LORDE, 6& fiftene yeares wil I adde vnto yi life, & wyll delyuer the & this cite from the kynge of Assyria, & this cite wil I defende for myne awne sake, and for my seruaut Dauids sake. 7And Esay sayde: Bringe hither a quantite of fygges. And whan they broughte them, they layed them vpon the sore, and it was healed.

8Ezechias sayde vnto Esay: Which is ye token, that the LORDE wyll heale me, and that I shal go vp in to the house of ye LORDE on the thirde daye? 9Esay sayde: This token shalt thou haue of the LORDE, that the LORDE shal do acordynge as he hath sayde. Shall the shadowe go ten degrees forwarde, or shal it turne ten degrees backwarde? 10Ezechias sayde: It is an easy thinge for the shadowe to go ten degrees downewarde, yt is not my mynde: but that it go ten degrees backwarde. 11Then cryed the prophet Esay vnto the LORDE, and the shadowe wente backe ten degrees in Achas Dyall, which he was descended afore.

Hezekiah Shows His Treasures
(Isaiah 39:1–8)

12At the same tyme Merodach Baladan the sonne of Baladan kynge of Babilon, sent letters and presentes vnto Ezechias, for he had herde that Ezechias had bene sicke. 13And Ezechias reioysed with them, & shewed them all the house of rotes, the syluer, golde, spyces, and the best oyle, and the house of ordinaunce, and all that was founde in his treasures. There was nothinge in his house and in all his domynion, but Ezechias shewed it them. 14Then came Esay the prophet vnto kynge Ezechias, and sayde vnto him: What haue these men sayde? and whence came they vnto the? Ezechias sayde: They came to me out of a farre countre, euen from Babilon. 15He sayde: What haue they sene in thyne house? Ezechias sayde: They haue sene all that is in my house, and there is nothynge in my treasures but I haue shewed it them.

16Then sayde Esay vnto Ezechias: Heare the worde of the LORDE: 17Beholde, the tyme commeth, that it shall all be caryed awaye vnto Babilon, and whatsoeuer thy fathers haue layed vp vnto this daye, and there shall nothinge be lefte, sayeth the LORDE. 18Yee and the children which come of the, whom thou shalt beget, shalbe taken awaye, to be chamberlaynes in the kynge of Babilons palace. 19Ezechias sayde vnto Esay: It is good that the LORDE hath spoken. And he sayde morouer: Let there be peace yet and faithfulnesse in my tyme.

Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah

20What more there is to saye of Ezechias, and all his power, and what he dyd, and of the pole and water condyte, wher by he conueyed water in to the cite, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda. 21And Ezechias fell on slepe with his fathers, and Manasses his sonne was kynge in his steade.

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