2 Kings 24
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Babylon Controls Jehoiakim

1In his tyme came vp Nabuchodonosor ye kynge of Babilon, & Ioachim was in subieccion vnto him iij. yeare. And he turned back, & rebelled agaynst him. 2And ye LORDE sent men of warre vpon him out of Chaldea, out of Syria, out of Moab, & fro amonge the childre of Ammon, & caused the for to come in to Iuda, to destroie it acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, which he spake by his seruauntes the prophetes. 3It fortuned eue so vnto Iuda, acordynge to ye worde of the LORDE, that he wolde put them awaye from his presence, because of ye sinnes of Manasses which he dyd, 4& because of the innocent bloude that he shed. And he fylled Ierusalem with innocent bloude, therfore wolde not the LORDE be reconcyled. 5What more there is to saye of Ioachim, and all that he dyd, beholde, it is wrytten in the Cronicles of the kynges of Iuda.

Jehoiachin Reigns in Judah
(2 Chronicles 36:9–10)

6And Ioachim fell on slepe with his fathers. And Ioachim his sonne was kynge in his steade. 7And the kynge of Egipte came nomore out of his londe: for the kynge of Babilon had conquered all that was the kynge of Egiptes, from the ryuer of Egipte vnto ye water Euphrates.

8Eightene yeare olde was Ioachim whan he was made kynge, and reigned thre monethes at Ierusale. His mothers name was Nebustha the doughter of Elnathan of Ierusalem. 9And he dyd euell in the sighte of the LORDE, euen as his father had done.

The Captivity of Jerusalem
(Lamentations 1:1–22)

10At the same tyme wente the seruauntes of Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babilon vp to Ierusalem, and came vpon the cyte with ordinaunce of warre. 11And whan Nabuchodonosor and his seruauntes came to the cite they layed sege vnto it. 12But Ioachim ye kynge of Iuda wente forth to the kynge of Babilon with his mother, with his seruauntes, with his rulers and chamberlaynes. And the kynge of Babilon receaued him in the eight yeare of his reigne. 13And he toke forth fro thence all the treasure in the house of the LORDE, and in ye kynges house, and brake all the golden vessell yt Salomon the kynge of Israel had made in the house of the LORDE (acordynge as the LORDE had sayde) 14and caryed awaye all Ierusalem, all the rulers, all the mightie men, euen ten thousande presoners, and all the carpenters, and all the smithes, and lefte none behynde but the poore people of the londe.

15And he caryed Ioachim awaye vnto Babilon, and the kynges mother, the kinges wyues, and his chamberlaynes: and ye mightie men of the londe led he awaye presoners also from Ierusalem vnto Babilon, 16and seuen thousande of the best men, and a thousande carpenters and smythes, and all the stronge men of warre.

17And the kynge of Babilon made Matania his vncle kynge in his steade, and turned his name Sedechias.

Zedekiah Reigns in Judah
(2 Chronicles 36:11–14; Jeremiah 52:1–3)

18One and twentye yeare olde was Sedechias, whan he was made kynge, and reigned eleuen yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Amithal the doughter of Ieremia of Libna. 19And he dyd euell in the sight of the LORDE, eue as Ioachim dyd: 20for thus fortuned it vnto Ierusale thorow the wrath of the LORDE, tyll he had cast them out fro his presence. And Sedechias fell awaye fro the kynge of Babilon.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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